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Brainstorm Multimedia, leading manufacturer of real-time 3D graphics and virtual studio solutions, attended IBC’s Technology in Action Theatre in order to explain in detail his latest success: covering Spain’s latest regional elections in Antena 3, number 1 private broadcaster in Spain.

Jesus Lozano, News Director at Antena 3, and Quique Beneyto, Application Specialist at Brainstorm, insisted on the importance of teamwork and dialogue between the two companies. “we can count Brainstorm as one more of our internal resources”, said Lozano, ”since we’ve been working with them for more than 20 years”. Lozano drove home the point that the correct reception of data was the cornerstone of the whole project, and that Brainstorm particularly excelled at this task.

Quique Beneyto thoroughly explained what this entailed for Brainstorm. “Getting the data is the easy part. The real challenge is to show them onscreen in a way that is both comprehensive and attractive for the viewers, who need to understand all the information at first glance”. Beneyto also explained how Brainstorm prepares for last-minute difficulties: “we can also input data manually, which came in handy when Spain’s main data provider failed during the last general elections back in 2011. While other TV stations weren’t able to display data, Antena 3 managed to do so thanks to Brainstorm’s SmartTemplates. This allowed Antena 3 to lead audiences that night”.

The full speech is available in video format via this link. Brainstorm’s elections showreel, shown during the event, can be watched via this link.

“Speaking as a user of these kind of services, I think it’s important to work with a team that is not only trustworthy and reassuring, but also able to offer new ideas and solutions”, highlighted Lozano. “That is the case of Brainstorm”.