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Brainstorm announces the installation of a new InfinitySet virtual studio and augmented reality system in ANM News TV station in Kolkata, as part of Brainstorm’s ongoing expansion into the region. ANM News will employ InfinitySet’s unmatched versatility and unique features to produce high quality News and Sports coverage programs without having to invest in costly physical sets.

InfinitySet is the most advanced virtual set and augmented reality solution, and the first product taking advantage of the new and patented TrackFree™ technology, which allows for industry-first features such as 3D Presenter, TeleTransporter or HandsTracking. HandsTracking, allows presenters to trigger animations and graphics with the simple movement of their hands, and 3D Presenter, allows for the generation of a real 3D object out of the talent’s live video feed, TeleTransporter and FeetTracking. The combination of all these features allow for an impressively realistic integration of the live video feed of the talent into any virtual environment, including casting of shadows and reflections over 3D objects within the virtual environment, or volumetric illumination, which casts lighting over the 3D talent with unmatched realism, further enhancing the creative possibilities provided by InfinitySet. InfinitySet’s advanced features have been awarded with IABM’s Game Changer Award and many other recognitions.

“This installation reinforces Brainstorm’s commitment on expanding into the Indian market”, says David Alexander, Brainstorm’s Commercial Director. “Together with our trusted partner AGIV India, Brainstorm will keep up the good work in the area and ensure that both InfinitySet and Aston, the designer’s choice for 3G graphics and CG, will become a staple in the region”.