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Brainstorm’s advanced real-time 3D graphics creation, CG and playout solution.

Brainstorm acquired the Aston brand in 2009, an industry-leading real-time character generator brand with over 30 years of market experience and which is acclaimed for its sophisticated and impressive graphics capabilities combined with its simplicity of use and solid reliability. With the development of the next generation Aston 3D, a 100% Brainstorm product, and building on the Aston heritage to create a new platform, Brainstorm has taken full advantage of all the power of its world renown eStudio render engine to deliver a lightning fast, highly versatile real-time 3D graphics creation, CG and playout solution. Aston 3D provides a vast feature set that boosts the creativity of the designers.

Aston 3D represents the future of Brainstorm’s scalable on-air graphics products designed to fulfill all live broadcast content creation requirements from stand-alone OB solutions to complex, integrated system projects. Being MOS compatible and dual channel ready, the Aston 3D integrates seamlessly with newsroom systems, video servers, NLEs and other 3rd party applications to quickly and easily produce stunning graphics. Ideal for a wide range of demanding requirements including fast turnaround news and sports environments, through to branding, finance, weather, elections, game shows and other graphics intense real-time on-air programs.

With Aston 3D, Brainstorm has condensed 20 years of development of real-time 3D graphics into a comprehensive creative application which brings the heritage of the Aston brand to a wider customer base. The newly developed and very user-friendly GUI blends the Aston user experience with eStudio’s vast power and extense toolset to deliver the ultimate broadcast graphics solution.

Aston 3D is a graphics creation system custom-built to be the centre of the design and content creation departments of broadcasters, service providers, production companies and program makers, providing all the features, capabilities and true 3D real-time power to fulfill even the most demanding broadcast requirement.


Aston product family

  • Aston Suite. Graphics creation, CG and playout solution.
  • Aston Designer. Module providing a graphics creation interface and capabilities, without video output.
  • Aston Player. Module providing full screen real-time rendering in SD and HDTV, without creation capabilities.

Note: All Aston  products are upgradable to the full Aston 3D Suite.

Main features

  • Object-based 3D and 2D graphics creation
  • Resolution independent allowing custom resolutions for graphics
  • Multiple 3D effects assignable to objects (3D position, rotation, size, extrudes, mesh…)
  • 2D and 3D primitive-based modelling with multiple textures and bump mapping
  • Objects, primitives, textures and shader libraries
  • Built-in particle effects
  • Built-in effects libraries
  • Editable Bezier 2D and 3D curves
  • Advanced 3D shaders and impostors
  • Advanced text management
  • Advanced 2D and 3D text effects, including complex shading
  • Imports objects and textures from 3rd-party 3D software packages
  • Brainstorm’s StormLogic animation. This allows building complex animations and interactions between elements without complex keyframing.
  • Fully configurable effects keyframe graphics, timelines and curves
  • Enhanced collaborative working, share objects and projects automatically
  • Real-time creation and playout of complex graphics
  • Multiple animated 3D cameras with lens properties
  • Presets libraries
  • Real-time playout engine
  • External data link. Collects and applies data from external sources (database, spreadsheets…).