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Brainstorm is pleased to announce that Setanta Sports, Ireland’s foremost premium sports broadcaster, is using Aston 3D to create and deliver its broadcast graphics. These include most of Setanta’s animated 3D graphics for sports openings, lower thirds, scores, bumpers and many more. Storm Broadcast, Brainstorm’s authorized reseller for the UK and Ireland, played a pivotal role from the initial discussions through to the installation and integration of Aston 3D in Setanta’s premises.

Setanta Sports was originally founded in 1992 to bring Irish sport to fans in a variety of countries and has since grown rapidly to have operations all around the world. Since 2004 the footprint has expanded and Setanta is widely available across Satellite, UPC and Eircom broadband.

Aston 3D is a wide ranging graphics suite where graphics and templates co-exist with the traditional CG pages, which can be renamed, previewed, called and edited to perform last-minute changes using Aston 3D extensive feature set, or with the Aston 3D optional dedicated keyboard. Thanks to the intensive usage of the NVIDIA K6000 GPU, Aston 3D features an extensive range of solutions covering any designers’ need, from inexpensive 2D graphics template building packages up to the Aston Suite, a broad based bundle featuring 3D graphics creation, edit and playout of complete CG and graphics projects, plus an OnDemand application for enhanced on-air operation.

“Aston is a comprehensible, flexible and powerful solution designed to cope with all kinds of real-time 3D graphics creation and playout requirements, and fits perfectly in any environment, from highly demanding collaborative workflow systems to OB vans in remote locations. This explains why graphics-intense broadcasters such as Setanta in Ireland are using Aston 3D for their daily graphics requirements.” says David Alexander, Brainstorm’s Commercial Director.

According to Mark Pilkington, Setanta’s Head of Transmissions and Operations, “Being Aston users for years, the upgrade to Aston 3D seemed obvious for Setanta, because of the new tools and features the new Aston 3D provides. Also, Brainstorm’s development team has been very open to listen to our requirements and further developed the product to provide a truly advanced solution for any kind of real-time 3D graphics”.

As with all other Brainstorm products, Aston 3D is fully compatible and seamlessly imports a variety of standard 3D, movie and picture formats. Being MOS compatible and dual channel ready, the Aston 3D integrates seamlessly with collaborative environments such as newsroom systems, video servers, NLEs and other 3rd party applications to quickly and easily produce stunning graphics in a wide range of demanding requirements including fast turnaround news and sports environments, through to branding, finance, weather, elections, game shows and other graphics intense real-time on-air programs.