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TV3 wanted to enable its sports presenters to control and manoeuvre virtual players within a graphical environment – live from the studio – for their 2010 Gaelic Games Championships coverage. They also wanted the ability to log and display individual player statistics for real-time graphic playout.

DC2 Media Ltd was contracted to provide the graphics system and selected Brainstorm’s Aston 7 character generator to take advantage of its fully integrated Data Pools functionality running on Brainstorm’s powerful real-time 3D “eStudio” graphics engine.

 DC2 Media settled on the new Apple iPad as the studio and worked with Piranha Graphics to design what is believed to be the first-ever iPad application designed to control a real-time 3D graphics engine. The application’s look and feel mirrored the on-air virtual graphic look, ensuring it was intuitive and virtually for the presenters controlling it.

Comprehensive testing established that Apple’s iPad was not only capable of handling Aston 7’s live data to display smooth virtual player moves, but could effortlessly depict as many as 30 player moves simultaneously, all in real time.