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Our Commercial and Marketing Director, David Alexander, is interviewed by IABM regarding our presence at BVE 2017.

“We are here together with Storm Broadcast, our UK and Ireland reseller. We are here showing Infinity Set that is our virtual set application and Aston, our graphic design creation and CG. We got a lot of interest on our InfinitySet largely because we have unique features.

A lot of people walk away virtuals because they want realism but we have an award winning technology which allows us to create more realism. For example, the presenter usually is a 2D sticker within a 3D environment while with our technology allows us to convert the presenter into a 3D object that enables us to cast shadows or reflection over real and virtual objects. It also means that we can know exactly the position of the presenter and therefore we can track the movement of the feet without all the complexity and the cost associated with a track virtual system environment. We also are able to track the hands’ movements that mean that they can trigger an event just by moving.”

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