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Brainstorm, leading manufacturer of real-time 3D graphics and virtual studio solutions, takes pride of the ability of its Production Services team to support the production of the Aruba Elections’ coverage at Telearuba on September 24th. Telearuba, number 1 broadcaster in the country, extensively used data-driven graphics created with AstonElections, Brainstorm’s template-based election and business graphics solution, and was complemented with InfinitySet, the most advanced virtual and augmented reality solution. This combination allowed Telearuba to display an impressive array of 3D graphics and Augmented Reality at a fraction of the cost typically associated to this technology.

Telearuba conducted this special program with the support of Brainstorm’s Production Services team which nevertheless was on standby during the entirety of election night. “This proves once again the robustness of our systems”, says Borja Chirivella, Sales Director for Latin America. “We are proud not only of how effective and easy to use our solutions are, but also of how well Telearuba has conducted the whole enterprise with minimal training involved. We have no doubts that they’ll continue to make use of Brainstorm’s software to great effect in the years to come”.

Brainstorm created AstonElections to offer a reliable and eye-catching elections graphics solution that did not require any training or previous experience from the user, and also that could fit small-to-medium budget requirements. During the Elections Night, Telearuba was able to make use of the wide array of pre-defined templates AstonElections offers, including Bars, Pie Charts and a 3D version of the Aruban Parliament that highlighted seats with the color of each party as the night went on.

According to Sergio Amuchastegui, Brainstorm’s Regional Sales Manager, “This event required the configuration of a dedicated server with mixed 4K and 1080P signals, which can be achieved using the Brainstorm render engine. Telearuba used an exclusive elections template set with Augmented Reality and full-screen graphics templates, allowing easy, real-time management of the poll’s data.”