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img_prod_gallery_brainnews_01Brainstorm Multimedia, industry-leading 3D real-time graphics and virtual set solutions provider, announces that its latest version BrainNews, Brainstorm’s template-based graphics solution for news, now supports Octopus Newsroom systems, the leading newsroom computer systems for broadcast television. BrainNews is a fully scalable, MOS-compatible, template-based system that integrates graphics into News environments, allowing journalists and producers to customize and combine high-quality pre-defined 3D graphics within their News workflow without the constant input from the Graphics Department.

The integration into Octopus Newsroom Systems allows Octopus’ clients to seamlessly run BrainNews into their workflow. This allows clients to use BrainNews and Aston 3D-based graphics and templates, which can be chosen and called by journalists to edit details, incorporate these graphics into their rundown lists or even use the BrainNews Controller to send them to air, under the Octopus environment.

According to Héctor Viguer, Brainstorm’s Engineering Director, “BrainNews is a flexible product that integrates with the most common Newsroom systems, and following this strategy we are very pleased to announce its integration with Octopus Newsroom, one of the most significantly growing newsroom systems there are.”

“We are very happy to announce our partnership with Brainstorm. The BrainNews MOS-compatible 3D graphics solution combines with Octopus to deliver a top quality, integrated news production system. Together we offer a class-leading solution for news production. Integration with BrainNews simplifies the workflow, by allowing the journalists and producers to easily assign graphics templates to their stories and build rundowns”, commented Milan Varga, Customer Support and Technical Partner Manager of OCTOPUS Newsroom.