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IBC 2015, booth 7.K31 – Brainstorm Multimedia, leading manufacturer of real-time 3D graphics and virtual studio products, reaches a much wider and more varied range of clients beyond the traditional broadcast sector. Brainstorm’s products and services are now being used for educational purposes, family TV programs, web based channels as well as for R&D and social projects. The flexibility of Brainstorm’s core render engine, the eStudio, which is widely recognised as one of the most powerful and flexible engine available, allows us to satisfy almost any requirement from a wide cross-section of clients.

As David Alexander, Brainstorm’s Commercial Director, says “We are a very flexible and adaptable company which allows us to match most of our clients’ requirements in a customised manner. This extends from large broadcasters such as CNBC who use Brainstorm products for virtual studio programs, financial graphics and even our project and creative services for the total re-design of their on-air look and feel. And through to new generation small and regional TV stations and other media-centric organisations with such requirements as trackless virtual studios and graphics systems to enhance their program content in more visually engaging ways.”

Amongst Brainstorms clients outside of the traditional broadcast market is San Pablo CEU, a well-known Spanish university which has acquired the latest version of Infinity Set for their Media and Communications faculty. The students now have the unique opportunity of working with the very latest in virtual studio and 3D graphics systems. In a similar fashion, the University of Santiago de Compostela USC has 21 eStudio licenses as part of an agreement signed with Brainstorm in 2013 for R&D purposes. In addition to supplying licences, Brainstorm offers training courses to the USC’s Audiovisual Innovation & Applications Laboratory so that they can maximise their use of the Brainstorm’s industry leading render engine. The company continues in its commitment to supporting the educational sector and will enter into new agreements with other centres of learning in the near future.

Also in Spain, Brainstorm’s products have been used to create the highly acclaimed family TV program, ‘Juan D y Beatriz’. The Infinity Set has been used to great effect for this program which has one rave reviews in the spectrum of children’s TV shows.

In the field of R&D funded projects, the EU sponsored SmartSet initiative is a response to a demand from creative industry SMEs in the broadcast media sector to provide an advanced, cost effective virtual studio solution. So the vision of Project SmartSet is to develop a low cost solution that will provide users with a simple but effective virtual studio system which will allow for greater creativity and flexibility in their productions, enhancing their product offering and increasing competitiveness.

About Brainstorm Multimedia:

Established in 1993, Brainstorm Multimedia provides industry-leading virtual sets and real-time 3D interactive graphics solutions for all broadcast graphics types and workflows as well as for feature film production and 3D real-time presentations. Brainstorm’s customer list includes many of the world’s leading broadcasters plus a large number of small and regional stations.