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A3D CG EXAMPLE1NAB 2015, booth SL5517. Brainstorm Multimedia, a leading manufacturer of real-time 3D graphics and virtual set solutions, announces at NAB the expansion of the Aston 3D range and the addition of new features. Now Aston is not just a product but a whole family of modules including the Designer, Player, CG and Snap Render, and also bundles, covering applications from creation through to playout. The bundled products available are Aston CG – a combination of the Designer, CG and Player modules – and Aston Suite which brings together the Aston CG and OnDemand, Brainstorm’s multi-purpose playout solution. Now, with the extended Aston family, Brainstorm can offer solutions for an even more extensive range of broadcast requirements.

The modular approach allows broadcasters to find an Aston module to suit any graphics requirement designers may have, from inexpensive 2D graphics templates to complex real-time 3D projects combining data-driven graphics, video and picture elements, 3D objects and external data coming from a variety of sources. Aston also allows designers to create, manipulate, animate and perform last-minute changes, even during on-air operation. Although created for broadcast use, Aston applications which are resolution-independent, can also be used in other environments such as the corporate, educational and church markets.

“We extend an open invitation to all those interested in graphic design, CG and playout to come to our booth at NAB and see the Aston range. We are fully confident that the Aston family represents the best applications and toolset available for designers and operators due to the many features, ease of use and speed of operation. And we want to prove it at NAB,” says David Alexander, Brainstorm’s Commercial Director.

As with all other Brainstorm products, Aston 3D is fully compatible and effortlessly imports a variety of standard 3D, movie and picture formats. Being also MOS compatible and dual channel ready, the Aston 3D integrates seamlessly with collaborative environments such as newsroom systems, video servers, NLEs and other third party applications to quickly and easily produce stunning graphics in a wide range of demanding requirements including fast turnaround news and sports environments, through to branding, finance, weather, elections, game shows and other graphics intense real-time on-air programs.