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Brainstorm Multimedia has had a long and fruitful history building and managing elections projects. Since its inception in 1993, Brainstorm’s Production Services team has helped many a broadcaster along the often difficult and complex journey to a successful project implementation of a general or regional election. Such broadcasters include NBC for the US presidential elections, and the BBC for European as well as UK regional and general elections.

All these years of experience have resulted in the launch of Brainstorm’s latest game changer, Aston Elections, the most cost-effective elections graphics solution available and which will be showcased at NAB 2016. Brainstorm has created this new application that offers a reliable and eye-catching elections graphics solution at a fraction of the usual cost and that requires no training or previous experience at all.

Of course, broadcasters in need for high-end elections solutions will also be able to contract Brainstorm’s tried and tested production services. While Brainstorm’s award-winning technology is top of the line and provides the reliable and highly creative production tools necessary, it is truly the expertise and practised capabilities of the election projects team which gives them the edge needed for such crucial and often complex events.

“The main reason why our event and election services are so well regarded is not solely based on the Brainstorm technology itself, impressive as it may be, but rather because of the trust we share with our clients”, explains David Alexander, Brainstorm’s Commercial Director.

Brainstorm’s full elections services team will be present at NAB 2016, booth 4617, in order to assist clients interested in seeking professional solutions for their elections graphics requirements.