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The coverage featured a new U-Touch Touch screen running 3D graphics showing a data-driven map of the UK with the ability to select individual constituencies and show share, change, swing and turnout.

A multi camera virtual set allowed further analysis using a 3D “swingometer”, a 3D model of the House of Commons and a data table touch screen that allowed comparisons of possible coalitions and hung parliament scenarios. Multiple tracking systems catered for a 44’ MovieBird crane, camera pedestals and a Steadicam system to be used.

Brainstorm’s software and services were used to produce all of the broadcaster’s live 3D graphics for their television coverage of the 2005 General Elections and local elections in 2006, 2007 and 2008 (virtual studios, lower-third, full-form graphics and maps) and 2008 USA Presidential and European elections.

“We have completed another round of live television election graphics for the BBC and are extremely happy with the results,” said Brainstorm CEO Ricardo Montesa. “We have developed a very close working relationship with the election production teams and all involved work extremely hard in the build up to the shows. The designs provided us with an excellent opportunity to showcase the power and sophistication of our software,” he added.

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Brainstorm Team at 2010 BBC elections SCOTLAND