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Brainstorm’s Infinity Set, the most advanced virtual set solution available in the market, has been selected to participate in the final round of the Panorama Awards, given by the Panorama Audiovisual magazine, one of the leading news sources in the Spanish and Latin American broadcast market. Infinity Set will participate in the “Best graphics creation technology” cathegory. You can vote for Brainstorm via this link.

Infinity Set has been selected thanks to the new features of Infinity Set, that are included in thepatented TrackFree Technology. The Hands tracking feature – which enables presenters to trigger animations and graphics with the simple movement of their hands – is part of the TrackFree Technology which is unique to Brainstorm and which offers tracking capabilities without any external hardware required. Top of the list of ‘must see’ features available thanks to TrackFree is the TeleTransporter, Brainstorm’s revolutionary ‘virtual traveler’ feature. The 3D Presenter is another unique TrackFree-based feature that generates a true 3D representation of the live presenter. This enables him or her to cast virtual shadows and reflections over other real and 3D objects within the virtual environment, greatly enhancing the realism of the program content. In short, what Brainstorm aims to do is to change the rules of the game by offering the versatility of tracking environments but without the complexity and at the much lower cost of a trackless solution.

Infinity Set will be the talk of the show at NAB 2016 with its 24 ft. virtual studio theater. The company will push the boundaries even beyond what is expected of their demos by showcasing a revolutionary virtual presentation called “From Leonardo to Ricardo”. This is a fascinating and visually stunning short history of the virtual world from its origins in the 15th Century to the present day.

If you think Infinity Set is as revolutionary as we think it is, vote for us in the link above!