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Brainstorm Multimedia, leading manufacturer of real-time 3D graphics and virtual studio solutions, will feature a 24 foot wide virtual studio theater in the upcoming NAB 2016. to showcase a revolutionary virtual presentation called From Leonardo to Ricardo, which is an amazing visual history of virtual technology from its origins in the 15th century to the present day. Aiding with this never seen before endeavour are Brainstorm’s partner companies, whose technology and expertise will be of paramount importance.

All virtual studio presentations require a green screen cyclorama; Brainstorm’s choice is Pro Cyc, a cyclorama manufacturer whose 20 years of experience in the field will ensure that Brainstorm has a rock solid foundation for its virtual studio presentation. Pro Cyc will provide an outstanding 260 x 154 inch green screen theatre, capable to hold up to three talents at the same time.

Shotoku, one of the most renowned tracking hardware manufacturers in the market, will provide a sensorized crane that will help Brainstorm enhance its already immersive virtual studio presentation even further. In the same boat is Ncam, whose versatile tracking hardware will play a key role in showcasing Infinity Set’s latest features.

Also present will be SMT through N+1, their design company, which will showcase their eye-catching Brainstorm-powered 3D graphics in a 80-inch TV screen.

FOR.A has been one of Brainstorm’s most trusted partners for many years now. Their chroma key systems will play a key role in Brainstorm’s demo. HP is Brainstorm’s certified hardware supplier and will provide the workstations where Infinity Set, Aston and every other Brainstorm product will run. Such is also the case with Blackmagic and NVIDIA, manufacturers of video and graphics cards respectively, which will lend their power to Brainstorm in order to showcase the best 3D graphics and virtual set available today.