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IBC 2015, booth 7.K31 – Brainstorm Multimedia, leading manufacturer of real-time 3D graphics and virtual set solutions, announces at IBC2015 the introduction of the latest version of the most advanced virtual set solution on the market, Infinity Set 2.0.
The new and unique features that Infinity Set 2.0 showcase are the main reason why it won the IABM Game Changer Award 2015 during the NAB exhibition in Las Vegas. Brainstorm’s Infinity Set 2.0 was selected by a judging panel of industry experts as a leading product with ground-breaking and innovative technology that will change the way in which virtual studio programs will be produced.
Among the key attributes of Infinity Set 2.0 is the video TeleTransporter, which allows for the seamless combination of 3D virtual sets with real characters and pre-recorded video feeds, all moving together with precise perspective matching. So with TeleTransporter, the presenter can become a virtual traveler and be inserted into an event remote from the studio, greatly enhancing the visual impact of news and sports presentations.
Infinity Set 2.0 also features new tracking technologies that allow for the merging of the best of both tracked and trackless worlds while including new possibilities for advanced Augmented Reality applications. This is TrackFree, a totally new and revolutionary approach to virtual set production developed by Brainstorm.
The new Infinity Set 2.0 takes realism to a new level as it also offers the 3D Presenter feature which generates a true 3D representation of the live anchor from a video feed, creating a real-time 3D volume that is continuously regenerated, repositioned and remapped based on the camera parameters. Uniquely, this in turn allows the real-time casting of the anchor’s shadow and reflection over other 3D elements within the scene creating a level of realism not seen before in virtual environments.
“We are always pushing the boundaries within the 3D graphics and virtual studio markets. And the Infinity Set 2.0 underlines this with its revolutionary new features that none of our competitors have,” says Brainstorm’s Product Manager, Thierry Gonzalo.

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