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Brainstorm reports its best NAB Show ever in terms of visitor affluence to its stand and contact gathering. This show allowed visitors to enjoy the acclaimed realistic public demonstration driven by InfinitySet, the company’s virtual set and augmented reality solution, showcasing hyper realistic augmented reality and in-context data-driven graphics, along with new, industry-first technologies that further enhance the integration between real and virtual content.

At NAB InfinitySet premiered new advanced features such as remote real-time DMX control of external light panels, which allowed to change the lighting conditions of the real set to match those of the virtual set, adding further realism to the content generated by the system, using the Brainstorm Combined Render Engine with Epic Game’s Unreal Engine. InfinitySet also demonstrated real-time control over external chroma keyers, which is also essential when light conditions change, and therefore better adjusts the chroma keyed characters within the synthetic background. Finally, the demonstration also showcased transitions between real, virtual and live sets in real-time, along with combined defocusing and depth of field, matching the focus/defocus of all the elements on the scene, regardless where and how they were generated. InfinitySet’s advanced features also allow to seamlessly create and combine real and virtual shadows on the scene.

Also on the booth, the Augmented Reality pod featured an impressive demonstration of the powerful combination of a tracked camera with InfinitySet to create advanced storytelling using Augmented Reality objects and information, perfectly integrated in the resulting content. This application was essential in the latest Elections in Chile and was performing live on the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Games in PyeongChang, and more recently at the Wrestlemania event in New Orleans.

The Graphics products, headed by Aston and Neuron also received considerable interest, coupled with the release at NAB of OnMedia, a unique end-to-end solution for managing virtual and augmented reality 2D and 3D graphics based on social media feeds. Aston was also an integral part of the public demo as it delivered the in-context data-driven Augmented Reality graphics used by InfinitySet.

According to David Alexander, Commercial Director of Brainstorm “We are proud of the amazing content our clients are getting out of our products, as it has been proven in major events all over the world. At NAB we were able to show such functionalities working perfectly in the complicated environment this Show is, with great results and extremely interested customers and new contacts. We are very much looking forward to see the outcome of this NAB, and new and compelling shows to be done with our systems.”