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Brainstorm Multimedia has signed the agreement for VisualMedia, an European project aimed to go beyond the current state of technology by integrating real-time user-generated social content with 3D graphics for the broadcast industry.

VisualMedia will provide broadcasters with the capability to manage complex and diverse data streaming in through the wide range of social media channels, and to translate this data into engaging interactive content for a better consumer experience.

Those involved in the project include Brainstorm, RTVE,, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Bayerischer Rundfunk, University of Surrey, Signum Bildtechnik GmbH, Hallingdølen, The Institut für Rundfunktechnik, Setanta Sports, Genikes Radiotileoptikes Epixeiriseis and Romanian Television.

Brainstorm is proudly participating in and dedicated to working in collaboration with like-minded organisations to redeploy our technology with the aim of benefitting society, in a continuous effort to build on Corporate Social Responsibility. Because of this, Brainstorm continues to win numerous awards for technological innovation, international accomplishments and for participation and leadership in European Commission Projects such as Replay, SmartSet and VisualMedia.

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