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Industry-leading real-time 3D interactive graphics and virtual set provider Brainstorm Multimedia has for the first time unveiled its next-generation creation, CG and graphics playout solution, “Aston 3D”, at IBC 2012.

The new Aston 3D is a 100 percent Brainstorm-developed product that builds on the Aston heritage of reliability and simplicity to create a new platform based on Brainstorm’s acclaimed eStudio engine – the industry’s fastest on-air graphics and virtual studio render engine. The result is a graphics creation system specifically designed to operate at the heart of a design department, able to fulfil any broadcast graphics requirement.

According to Brainstorm Multimedia CEO Ricardo Montesa, “With the full integration of our eStudio engine, we are very confident that Aston 3D will become the reference system for real-time 3D graphics creation and playout.”

The user interface of Aston 3D further develops the Brainstorm interface, providing a familiar environment and toolset that make the product instantly intuitive. Aston 3D blends Aston’s friendly and familiar user experience with the unlimited power and extensive toolset of Brainstorm’s eStudio’s engine to allow operators to create, manipulate, animate and perform last-minute changes of any kind of videographic, even while on-air. Aston 3D also inherits all of eStudio’s 3D-stereo capabilities, which means it is future-proofed for any broadcast demand.

With Aston 3D Brainstorm has condensed 20 years of real-time 3D graphics development into a comprehensive solution that adds levels of power and usability that, combined with the heritage and popularity of the Aston brand, is designed for a much wider audience. Although created for broadcast operations, because it is resolution independent Aston 3D can work in a wide range of graphics-intensive environments from broadcast to corporate presentations.

Aston 3D is compatible with Brainstorm’s range of graphics products. It can also be fully controlled by news and playout systems such as BrainNews or Brainstorm’s OnDemand, or be seamlessly integrated into more complex newsroom environments like Avid iNews.

Montesa concludes, “Operators will be amazed at Aston 3D’s ease-of-use, reliability and extensive toolset, all wrapped up in a single package to generate broadcast graphics and CGs in the most demanding of environments.”