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Brainstorm Multimedia will be present at the upcoming SVG’s Sports Graphics Forum at HBO’s Michael Fuchs Theater in New York City. This event, which will be taking place on February 17th, is designed to showcase and discuss the latest technological advances and creative achievements in broadcast graphics.

For the first time, this year’s event will be spearheaded by a newly created Advisory Committee featuring creative and technical leaders from major sports broadcasters and leagues among which we are proud to announce is J David Hoffman, Brainstorm US’s Sales Engineering Manager. He will take part in the panel under the name “Studio Sets and Augmented Reality: Blending the Line Between Real and Virtual” that will take place at 4.00 PM. A full agenda of the event is provided at their webpage.

Virtual-studio technologies can help stretch budgets and also give a single studio plenty of versatile and first-rate design options. This event will allow attendees to know how to get the most out of virtual-studio operations. Due to his wide experience, Hoffman’s input on the event will prove to be decisive.

It will be a pleasure for us to tweet with whoever is interested(@brainstorm3d). J David Hoffman will answer all your questions. #SVGSportsGFX