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Brainstorm Multimedia, leading manufacturer of real-time 3D graphics and virtual studio solutions, broke new ground last 26-J by using the patented TeleTransporter technology for the first time during general election night. TVE1, Spain’s national broadcasting station, used Infinity Set’s TeleTransporter feature to teleport a live presenter from their studio to the inside of the main Congress chamber in order to showcase elections results, along with Aston’s Augmented reality graphics.

TVE used Brainstorm’s eStudio application for both their Augmented Reaility and 2D graphics. eStudio has been TVE’s tool of choice for more than fifteen years.

Furthermore, private broadcaster 13 TV also chose Brainstorm’s professional services for their elections graphics requirements during election night. 13 TV’s special elections program rose the broadcaster’s position in the rankings by increasing its share points by two, up to 4,1%, making the TvVstation reach the seventh position.

13 TV opted for a turnkey services solution that comprised every step of the way, from data reception and management to design and playout of Augmented Reality graphics. Infinity Set, Brainstorm’s virtual studio solution, and Aston, the 3D graphics and Cg solution, were the tools employed during election night.