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EasySet 3D offers unlimited creativity to generate 3D sets from scratch. The system includes an expandable library of virtual sets backgrounds, roofs, floors, walls, textures and objects as well as the ability to import objects and sets from Autodesk® 3ds Max® and Maya® 3D.

In addition to importing external video feeds, virtually every popular image file format can be imported into EasySet 3D, making it extremely easy to integrate external content. EasySet 3D includes a library of virtual sets that can be totally customised by modifying colours, textures, object sizes, animated elements and live video insertion. EasySet 3D provides up to 12 video inputs and features a live switcher mode for increased productivity. The system can easily transition between cameras in 3D, or apply sophisticated 2D or 3D shader effects from a live camera to the next one selected for on air.

EasySet 3D provides multiple trackless virtual cameras, which are themselves easy to animate, but can be upgraded to provide real camera tracking. The system also features its own 2D title generator and internal chromakeyer.

Visitors to Brainstorm’s booth will also have the opportunity to view live demos of Brainstorm’s entire product range including the latest version of the flagship product and graphics engine eStudio V.12, which offers unlimited power for both graphic design options and real-time playout of virtual studios and 3D graphics.Also featuring at IBC will be the latest version of the Aston Character Generator, plus the sophisticated, template-based news graphics system BrainNews, which enables news departments to integrate Brainstorm’s real-time 3D graphics into their workflow without the need for constant input from designers.

Also on show will be Easy OnAir Graphics, which includes an intuitive toolset for live streaming of graphics based on building highly creative designs on pre-defined templates, no matter how detailed or complex.

The acknowledged expertise of Brainstorm’s Production Services Department in developing specialised graphics packages that are fast, flexible and compelling for elections, live sport, game shows and numerous other applications spans many years.  Senior advisors from Brainstorm’s Production Services team will be on hand at IBC to discuss how their experience can benefit customers worldwide.