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During NAB Show IABM, the international trade association for suppliers of broadcast and media technology, interviewed Miguel Churruca, our Marketing and Communications Director regarding the showcased InfinitySet 3, Brainstorm virtual studio application.

He tells us more details about impressive features of the InfinitySet 3 such as the VirtualGate, the 3D presenter or the VirtualCave.

As he says, “VirtualGate is a technology that allows the presenter to get into an external picture, enabling them to stay in the set and go to remote places at the same time with precise perspective matching”.

When asked about the 3D Presenter feature, he answers “It is a feature that makes the original talent picture -coming from the chroma key-, a real 3D element, allowing for special effects such as dropping shadows, volumetric illumination or selective defocus and bokeh”.

IABM also asked him about infinitySet’s VirtualCave, which he explains as “a technology we have been developing for 15 years now. It is an immersive reality inside the virtual environment where objects are projected and change its perspective depending on the subject position”.

Watch the whole interview by clicking on the video.