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May 17th, Broadcast Asia 2017, booth 4P3-01 – Brainstorm, a specialist company dedicated to providing industry-leading real-time 3D graphics and virtual set solutions, will showcase the award-winning InfinitySet virtual set and AR solution on a live virtual studio presentation at BroadcastAsia (stand 4P3-01), along with Aston, Brainstorm’s renowned motion graphics creation, CG and playout solution.

Brainstorm public demonstration will showcase InfinitySet’s acclaimed features such as TeleTransporter, 3D Presenter, HandsTracking, and FreeWalking, all of them taking advantage of Brainstorm’s unique TrackFree™ technology. TeleTransport will take the presenter from Singapore to Florence in real-time, and thanks to HandsTracking animations and graphics will be triggered with the simple movement of the bare hands. Attendees will also see how 3D Presenter creates a 3D representation of the live video feed of the presenter while allows for casting real shadows and reflections over virtual objects, further enhancing the realism of virtual set production.

Along with InfinitySet, Aston will be available for one-to-one demonstrations. With more than 40 years in the market, Aston is Brainstorm’s popular, designer-oriented real-time 3D motion graphics solution, featuring a complete graphics creation and CG toolset developed with the designers in mind, so they can concentrate on creation and productivity rather than on pure operation. Aston can handle any graphics project, from simple lower thirds to complete collaborative branding projects, thanks to its dedicated graphics technologies such as StormLogic, SmartTemplates, GRID management or Adaptative GUI.