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Brainstorm Multimedia releases the new After Effects Tracking Exporter application for Adobe After Effects in conjunction with The Foundry’s CameraTracker plug-in. This application allows the generation of videos with tracking data for Augmented Reality requirements within Brainstorm’s Infinity Set, the world’s most advanced virtual set solution.

The video tracking process consists of an image analysis in order to extract position and rotation information regarding the camera that originally recorded the video. From a video tracked in After Effects using the CameraTracker plug-in, Brainstorm’s After Effects Tracking Exporter generates a new video with integrated tracking information within the video archive. Once loaded into Infinity Set, this new video allows both people and 3D elements to be inserted within it as Augmented Reality content.

Brainstorm Multimedia remains the only company in the market that offers the groundbreaking virtual Tele-Transporter, feature which allows presenters and other content to be inserted into videos of remote locations. This is achieved using Brainstorm’s revolutionary and award-winning new technology, TrackFree. Now, thanks to the new After Effects Tracking Exporter, Brainstorm’s Tele-Transporter can be used even more widely.

With the new Exporter, Brainstorm Multimedia has further enhanced its compatibility with Adobe After Effects which began in 2014 when Brainstorm Multimedia showcased the first After Effects Exporter plug-in. This provided the toolset to convert 2D After Effects projects into templates for the Aston family of products, Brainstorm’s solutions for real-time 3D graphics creation, CG and playout.