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Brainstorm introduces at NAB a new range of template-based solutions to complement its existing and highly advanced range of Virtual Set, Augmented Reality and Motion Graphics solutions.

Brainstorm template-based products play out to air content created by using pre-defined purpose-built templates, which allow the applications to be as smart as each template allows for. Smaller and local TV station can then provide great looking programs even if they do not have the resources to create their own sets.

SmartSet is a response to a demand from creative industry SMEs in the broadcast media sector to provide an advanced, cost effective virtual studio solution which will increase their competitiveness in the market. SmartSet is template-based virtual studio solution designed for smaller and local TV stations, which provides advanced, high-quality and intuitive Virtual Set and Augmented Reality applications without the need of creating the programs. Templates can be as complex as required, or customized for the final application, and can be designed for a specific purpose or acquired online at the Brainstorm Store to be used immediately. The template defines which elements are editable and to what extent, allowing for simple operation, and limited to the customization possibilities of each template. This means that small broadcasters can create excellent quality programs while keeping costs under control.

Another product to be shown at NAB 2017 is AstonElections, an extremely user-friendly and intuitive application intended for graphics coverage for broadcast elections and other business applications which require extensive usage of data-driven graphics. Aston Elections allows for data presentation of complex and high-quality graphics for maximum visual impact and program enhancement. The process is quite straight forward, just requiring configuring the data, which can come from various external sources, then customizing the template and finally play it out to air.

According to David Alexander, Brainstorm’s Commercial Director “All broadcasters, large and small, aim to deliver good quality, great looking content, while maximizing their resources. However, smaller broadcasters are often forced to choose between quality and workflow efficiency, and to help with this, Brainstorm has developed a range of template-based solutions, all built on its renowned eStudio render engine, which ensures pristine render quality and real-time performance for any kind of 3D graphics and virtual set templates.”