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Building on the successes of Brainstorm in 2010, Storm Broadcast will be promoting the company’s suite of real time, 3D on-air graphics products and virtual sets which are being increasingly used around the world by leading broadcasters and production companies. Some of the most notable events of the year have been enhanced with a touch of Brainstorm magic and recent highlights include the UK general election where a team of 10 from Brainstorm’s Production Services group helped the BBC to achieve record viewing figures. Other notable successes include the graphics for the US Open, the re-branding of CNBC, and even playing a part in the production of the blockbuster film, Alice in Wonderland.

The new range of Brainstorm’s EasySet products which, as the name suggests are both inexpensive and simple to operate yet have a sophisticated and varied toolsets, has also enabled a host of small to medium size organisations to punch above their weight with eye catching and impressive graphics and virtual sets. To see some of these products, Storm Broadcast’s premiere in the UK market will be at the BVE exhibition in London in February where a number of Brainstorm and peripheral products and services will be on display.

MD of Storm Broadcast, Paul Vanlint is bullish about Brainstorm’s future in the UK: “Brainstorm powers some of the most prestigious TV productions here and abroad and it has a strong base of customers who recognise the company’s successful combination of enabling creativity, providing bullet-proof technology, and delivering the required results. We are delighted to be joining the Brainstorm family.”