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Cnbc, testimonials, client of brainstorm, brainstorm clients

Steve Fastook, Senior VP of Operations&Engineering , CNBC, US

“Brainstorm eStudio has been used by CNBC to present real-time data since 2006. It has proved to be a flexible and dependable tool for presenting data and for replicating designs and animations from the imagination of very talented designers.”

Davide Meda, Senior Graphics Producer, RAI, Italy

“eStudio allowed us, thanks to a streamlined and highly reliable system, to customize real-time 3D graphics in a few quick steps with a yield of stunning high-end graphics. Brainstorm’s eStudio is not just an extremely powerful tool, but is also flexible enough to perform perfectly in any situation, including live performances and external shows.”

Jesús Lozano, TV News Director, Antena 3 TV Noticias, Spain

“We’ve been working with Brainstorm for more than 20 years producing every kind of program imaginable, from game shows to weather and, of course, news programs. We are confident we can count on Brainstorm as if it was one of our internal resources.”

Mauricio Rojo, Engineering sub-Manager at TVN, Chile

“we have made use of a complex setup with several cameras and even a crane in order to operate within a very big scenario within which infinitySet perfectly integrated all graphics needed for the coverage. The result has been precise, spectacular and entertaining for our audience, and we are very satisfied by the show we have been able to offer to our viewers”.

Cnbc, testimonials, client of brainstorm, brainstorm clients

Luis Santos, Head of Engineering and Operations, Fox Sports, Brazil

“Fox is proud of being an innovative and creative channel, and this coverage of the Copa Libertadores proves once again our commitment with the most advanced technology. That is why we have chosen Brainstorm’s InfinitySet advanced TeleTransporter features to enhance our live shows getting the best of our resources at any time”.

Vicente Gil-Dávila, News Production Manager, TVE, Spain

“The secret of our latest Elections project using Brainstorm is that it doesn’t seem a virtual system at all because of the seamless integration of all the elements, both real and synthetic, which makes all the participants proud of the result”.

Rich Cervini, SVP Production & Technical Operations at CBS, USA

“It is impressive to see how InfinitySet was able to be customized to exactly match our requirements. Also, the purpose-built interface allowed us to have a comprehensive, easy-to-use application which any operator can control almost immediately to the full extent of the system’s capabilities.”

Rallis Pappas, President, IDS, USA

“The Brainstorm eStudio engine is controlled by IDS TV interface and control applications which are configured as “dual channel” systems with two real-time outputs going live to air. The graphics have a good deal of movement and rotation and also utilize flares, reflection maps, etc., all of which were created natively in Brainstorm and do not use any movie files, or components built in other packages.”

Cnbc, testimonials, client of brainstorm, brainstorm clients

Michele Magnifichi, Managing Director of Giglio Group Media & Broadcast division, Italy

“We are really happy to start the new studio facilities with an innovative concept and we are really excited for all the possible application we will be able to provide with Brainstorm and Infinity Set. Giglio group and M-Three satcom structure is always leading and ahead with new solutions and use the most advanced application and system available in the market”.

Charbel Rahal, Head of IT, Al Jadeed, Libano.

“After 5 years of using Brainstorm, I can happily say that the only limitation Brainstorm had is the creativity of the resources using it. We managed to produce every single graphical requirement for a diversity of programs in the area of live coverage, news bulletins, talk-shows, etc. Brainstorm proved to be a strong and essential pillar for our business.”

Mr. Kang, Chief Engineer Virtual Control Room, MBC, Korea

“I am impressed with Brainstorm because the system is very compatible and easy to use. Brainstorm has enabled us to make significant savings in program creation costs, earning me praise from our president. We also appreciate the excellent support we receive from Brainstorm and their Korean distributor.”

Mike Stepanovich, Managing Editor, Thompson Reuters, Europe

“The end to end real time solution provided by Brainstorm is well suited to our ever-growing requirements.”

Marc Lapierre, Consultant, Thompson Reuters

“The end to end real-time solution provided by Brainstorm is well suited to our ever growing requirements.”

Prince Lin, Forevertek CO. LTD, Taiwan

“Although we speak different languages and have to deal with different timezones, Brainstorm and Forevertek share a common goal and therefore there’s no problema we cannot solve! Brainstorm’s products have not only boosted our reputation in the current market, but also allowed us to grow into new ones.”

Technician, StudioTech, Belgium

“The training was great, I got more than what I expected. I appreciate the demo version as well, which will allow me to practice more. Brainstorm’s staff is very friendly and nice, and the overall service, from pre to post-sales, including technical support, has been great so far.”

Ilja Bondar, founder and CEO, Advedia Vision, Germany

“We are happy to work with a european virtual studio company such as Brainstorm. It was important for us to have the support and working mentality that we can trust on. Also, the regular updates on EasySet 3D indicate that the company is carefully maintaining their software products.”

Mark van der Merwe, Broadcast Engineer, Stark Studios, South Africa

“We are delivering live news every weekday, for which the Aston is our primary Graphics renderer, with BrainNews integrated into an ENPS workflow. When we told Brainstorm what we needed to do they were committed to finding a solution, and the switch to Aston 3D was a breeze.”