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Brainstorm, leading manufacturer of real-time 3D graphics, Augmented Reality and virtual studio solutions, has successfully teamed up with TVN, Chile’s national broadcaster, to provide coverage of the national elections of last November 19th. The show made extensive use of the features provided by InfinitySet, Brainstorm’s virtual set and Augmented Reality solution, which allowed TVN to visually convey live data in different formats, from Augmented Reality to the teletransportation of presenters to remote, real locations, such as the presidential house Casa de la Moneda.

InfinitySet provided live data visualization from official sources during the compelte duration of the coverage. Thanks to infinitySet’s ability to generate 3D graphics in real time from external data sources, information was displayed as Augmented reality inside a real scenario through several cameras, including a sensorized crane, which allowed for a spectacular, dynamic show with camera swoops and travellings over and around the scenery. All 3D graphics were able to update and change themselves automatically in real time while being seamlessly integrated within the scene thanks to InfinitySet’s unique virtual shadows cast over the floor and to precise perspective matching.

According to Mauricio Rojo, Engineering sub-Manager at TVN, “we have made use of a complex setup with several cameras and even a crane in order to operate within a very big scenario within which infinitySet perfectly integrated all graphics needed for the coverage. The result has been precise, spectacular and entertaining for our audience, and we are very satisfied by the show we have been able to offer to our viewers”.

Brainstorm boasts over 25 years of experience in high-end 3D graphics and virtual studio solutions, which have been used to great effect in elections from all over de globe and by the world’s foremost broadcasters. According to Patricio del Campo, General Manager of Videomedia, Brainstorm’s official representative in Chile, “we are very satisfied by the ability of InfinitySet to generate amazing content for TV shows, and also by the support provided by Brainstorm’s team which was key for guaranteeing that the setup, calibration and data entry was carried out without a hitch in a live program that does not allow for any mistakes whatsoever”.