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Graphics for News

BrainNews is a sophisticated MOS-compatible on-air graphics control system that enables News departments to integrate Brainstorm’s powerful real-time high-quality 3D graphics engine into their workflow without the need for continuous input from designers or the graphics department. With Brainstorm’s eStudio at its core, BrainNews allows journalists and producers with no prior 3D graphics knowledge to input data into pre-defined templates that are then updated in the system and added to a rundown list for immediate broadcast in the playout area.

Broadcast graphics workflows can be complicated, with content coming from many sources. BrainNews integrates and simplifies the process, supporting the playout of graphic and templates created in Brainstorm products such as eStudio or Aston 3D, or in other software packages such as Photoshop.

BrainNews supports Brainstorm’s SmartTemplates for easier data input and graphic updating. SmartTemplates also provide sophisticated replacement and transition effects as well as enable simple graphics to be combined to create more complex ones. This feature expands the graphics possibilities and flexibility of the newsroom, allowing faster on-air delivery. Data can be automatically retrieved and then modified from external data sources such as databases, spreadsheets and similar applications, or even RSS feeds, with such automation speeding the process and reducing the margin for error.

BrainNews seamlessly integrates with newsroom systems such as Avid’s iNews, AP’s ENPS, Annova’s OpenMedia, Octopus and VSN’s VSNNEWS. It is a fully scalable solution, with any number of users and outputs depending on the requirements of the channel

  • Graphics for news.
  • Using networked PCs, BrainNews is a fully scalable system that can be tailored to match any channel’s requirement and budget.
  • Integration of the most commonly available Newsroom environments.BrainNews is MOS-based and integrates with Avid’siNews, Ap’s ENPS, Annova’sOpenMedia, Octopus and VSN’s VSNNews.
  • No need of prior 3D graphics knowledge to input data. Pre-defined templates are easily accessible by journalists. Users can modify template data at anytime, editing text and data, previewing the changes using the SnapServer prior to on-air.
  • Comprehensive workflow.
  • SmartTemplates provide sophisticated replacement and transition effects as well as enable simple graphics to be combined to create more complex ones.
  • Multiple format support. BrainNews is resolution independent, supporting SDI and HD-SDI inputs and outputs with video and key. Works in any HDTV flavour plus PAL and NTSC.
  • Support for external data applications. BrainNews’ SmartTemplates link seamlessly to external data sources, and can collect data from applications such as spreadsheets, databases, feeds or websites.



News systems

Auxiliary workstations

Recommended configurations

The following table of recommendations is orientative only and showcases standard certified configurations for Brainstorm products. While customers may attempt to use their own workstations for operating Brainstorm’s software, as we are flexible as far as hardware is concerned, it is advisable that our quality department certifies them first. Failure to follow this procedure may result in the software not working properly. Brainstorm does not take responsibility for system failures caused by the usage of uncertified workstations.

Function Workstation CPU Disc GPU RAM OTHERS
Playout z440 E5-1603v3 2x500GB K620 8GB HP USB 1000dpi Laser Mouse
Snap z640 E5-1620v3 2x500GB K2200 16GB(4×4)


HP ProLiant DL160 Gen9
Xeon E5-2609v3
8GB (2x4GB)
Redundant power source
2x SATA 500GB in RAID