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Brainstorm Multimedia SL (Brainstorm) has developed the Edison Creators Program to enable Unreal Engine scene developers/creators to design Brainstorm Edison-ready scenes and assets with full compatibility to Unreal Engine™ scenes.

The Edison Creators Program is a free initiative in which Brainstorm wants no royalties on the sale of assets or content created for Edison that is placed in the Unreal Marketplace or otherwise. Sales of these assets are retained by the corresponding Creator, as they are the Creator’s property. Brainstorm accepts no responsibility or liability on the content produced by the Creators.

Here’s a program summary followed by the Software use terms and conditions.

Benefits for Creators

  • Free-of-charge Edison software renewable licenses, subject to complying with the Terms and Conditions (T&C), by producing content as per the Requirements below.
  • Permission to use the software for commercial projects, providing compliance with the T&C.
  • Free Edison Online Training Session with a Brainstorm expert
  • Listed as Official Content Creator on Brainstorm webpage
  • Full access to Brainstorm Users Blog and Forum.

Requirements for content creators

  • Produce two scenes for free download at our Edison Free Downloads page, to start with. These can be pre-existing sets, repurposed.
  • Produce at minimum of one Edison-compatible set per quarter and make them available on the UE marketplace under the Creator’s name/account. These can be pre-existing sets, repurposed.
  • Attend a free Edison Online Training session.
  • Report Brainstorm via email to creators@brainstorm3d.com when a new Edison-ready content is available. Content creators are also encouraged to post in the Users Forum the availability of new content.

As a participant in the Brainstorm Content Creator Program, you agree to the requirements as specified in this Agreement between Brainstorm and the User (defined to include Company). By downloading Edison, and installing it, you also agree to comply with the following Terms and Conditions.

About Edison Software

Edison is software developed by Brainstorm. The software is a comprehensive easy to use solution for enhancing live, online presentations and videos. Any user can create amazing presentations based on a PowerPoint or PDF file while adding rich media like pictures, sounds, 3D objects, animations, and videos within EdisonPRO. Also, the presenter can be immersed in a virtual environment while running the presentation using a clicker or other control devices.

For Users joining in the Edison Creators Program, Brainstorm will provide a copy of the Edison  software for a period of 12 months for creating Edison-ready scenes and content. The User can terminate the agreement at any time, and Brainstorm reserves the right to terminate this Agreement with any User for non-compliance of this Agreement. The termination of the Agreement will imply the removal of the software from the User’s computer(s) and the removal of the User from Brainstorm’s database and User Blog.

Brainstorm has created online training tutorials covering the installation and operation of Edison.

Recomendaciones de hardware

The minimum hardware recommendations for running Edison are as follows:

  • Intel Core i7 o i5 4 core 8th generation
  • AMD Ryzen 5 or 7 3xxx or 4xxx
  • NVIDIA Geforce 1660 super or better
  • 32GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD drive

Brainstorm does not guarantee the performance, functionality or even the possibility of installing Edison on your hardware.

User obligations

The User agrees to use Edison or any other associated Brainstorm software application in accordance with the applicable Law and regulations. The 12-month use period will be extended if minimum program requirements are met.

If the agreement is terminated, the downloaded copy of Edison must be removed from the User’s computer(s).

Confidentiality and Privacy Policy

The User agrees to provide the following personal data for fulfilling the Program requirements:

  • Name, Email, Company, Position, Country

Brainstorm will use such information only for the purposes of fulfilling this Agreement and to ensure proper communication with the User and to receive proper feedback as per the conditions of the Agreement. Brainstorm will not share this information with any other external party, User or company. The User has the right to modify, amend or delete any personal data at any time. If the User removes the contact data Brainstorm will understand the Agreement terminated from then on, as the communication with the User will not be possible.

For better support and feedback, the User can register in the Brainstorm User Blog and Forum, where the personal data can be included, modified, or deleted directly by the User, under the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of the Brainstorm User Blog.

The User acknowledges that he/she may have access to confidential Brainstorm information, including trade secrets, for the duration of the Agreement. This information, whether written, oral, or observed, and including but not limited to suggestions for changes, test results, reviews, marketing plans, product plans (from now on as Confidential Information) received by the User by part of Brainstorm will be considered strictly confidential. This Confidential Information may only be used within the scope of the Agreement and may not be disclosed to any third party during or after its term except with the express consent of Brainstorm.

The User is not allowed to speak on behalf of Brainstorm under any circumstances and agrees to not releasing any information about the Brainstorm Content Creator Program to any third-party without the prior and express consent of Brainstorm. The User does not have the authority to speak, write or carry out any demonstration that details anything about the product, whether in blogs, press or any other medium, without the express written consent of Brainstorm.

Intellectual Property

The User understands that Brainstorm is the owner of all Confidential Information, as well as all intellectual property associated with the Product, which includes inventions, patents, trademarks, copyrights, company secrets and any intellectual property that results from this use period, and all technical information and all reports created within the scope of this Agreement.

The content produced by the Creators is their own property and responsibility. Brainstorm accepts no responsibility or liability on the content produced by the Creators.


The software is provided to the User “as is” and without warranty of any kind, express, implied or otherwise, including without limitation any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of software is with the customer.

The only guarantee that Brainstorm ensures is that of providing with legal authority the Edison license and the Confidential Information as contemplated in this Agreement. Brainstorm will not make any other warranties, express or implied, with respect to Edison software and associated equipment, as well as any other confidential information. Any other warranties, express or implied, are void, including, without limitation, implied warranties about the suitability of Edison for a particular purpose.


This is the complete Agreement between both parties. As of effective date, there are no other Agreements between both parties related to the product expressly mentioned here. Brainstorm reserves the right to unilaterally alter this Agreement without prior information or consent, which will be later communicated to the User.

This Agreement is governed under the laws of the Kingdom of Spain and any dispute regarding it will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Spanish courts in Madrid, Spain.

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