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Brainstorm Multimedia S.L, is a leading company in the development of real-time 3D graphics software. We firmly believe that we will only be able to achieve our vision through continuous improvement and total commitment to our customers. Satisfying the largest number of customers is our objective and for this we must offer a personalized treatment, adapting our products to their specific needs as much as possible and learning in the process. We materialize this commitment to quality through the following actions:

  • Providing the leadership and strategic alignment required for the proper functioning of our processes.
  • Working on the awareness and motivation of the staff so that they commit to the quality procedures relevant to their work and comply with them.
  • Establishing the criteria for measuring objectives that serve as a reference for our effectiveness.
  • Providing the necessary and adequate material and human resources to achieve the objectives.
  • Investigating and acting on the causes of the problems detected to prevent them and avoid their repetition.
  • Maintaining a direct contact with our clients, staff and providers, plus any other relevant stakeholder, to detect opportunities for improvement in our products, services and processes, as well as the risks that may affect the achievement of our objectives.

And in general through the operation and maintenance of Brainstorm’s Quality Management System, which impregnates all levels and processes of the organization, with the  objective of pursuing the continuous improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of our management and production processes.

Extending our commitment to our Supply Chain

As part of this commitment to quality, Brainstorm aims to extending its vision to its suppliers. Brainstorm’s relationship with its suppliers is based on the confidence that they are capable of complying with what is offered both in the services and in the products offered.

To ensure the satisfaction of the end customers, Brainstorm performs an assessment of its suppliers every six months, based on the number of incidents that may have occurred during that period. If a provider has more than two incidents registered, its evaluation will give a result of suspended, forcing Brainstorm Multimedia to analyze its future relationship with said provider.

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