Nimble XR and Tesseract Esports – XR Set Extensions and AR Graphics for IQOO BGIS

The Esports event IQOO BGIS 2021 took advantage of the vast experience and graphics expertise of Nimble XR and Tesseract Esports, with the creation of XR set extension and AR graphics for the live event, inspired by game visuals.

Tesseract Esports was founded in 2015 to elevate and transform the nascent gaming scene in South and Southeast Asia into a high profile and professional esport. Tesseract were also among the first to produce the biggest and most successful esports events and gaming activations in India at an unprecedented scale, paving the way for the growth of esports in the country. They have since gone to partner with game publishers, developers, brands and media platforms to produce large scale esports events and engagements and become one of the leading esports production houses in the Asia-Pacific.

For the production of the 2021 IQOO BattleGround Mobile India Series (IQOO BGIS 2021), the organizers’ requirement was to have a virtual environment without a green background or a LED wall. To achieve this, Tesseract partnered with Nimble XR, a leading virtual production company in India that has been dipping their feet into the esports broadcast market over the past few years – taking the tried and tested ‘battle-proven’ Brainstorm real-time engine and expertise from the world of elections and real-world sports broadcasting and translating it into an esports offering that really delivers.

Para conocer más detalles de este proyecto, por favor descargue el Case Study.

  • Client:Nimble XR, Tesseract
  • Date:May 14, 2018
  • Tags:Augmented Reality, Esports, Motion graphics, Virtual Sets
  • Project Type:Esports contest broadcast

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