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Free Software Downloads

In this page you will find free downloads that will enhance your Edison system, from software to help import your presentations or directly stream them, to additional scenes and project templates, including backgrounds, stands, screens and much more.

This plugin allows you to export a PowerPoint presentation directly to Edison, provided you already have Microsoft PowerPoint installed in your computer.

Ghostscript is a free software that allows you to directly drag PDF documents to Edison and add each of their pages as a slide in your presentation.

OBS is a free software that allows you to quickly upload your Edison presentation to streaming platforms, or record it to disk as a video file.

NDI Webcam Input converts any available Edison PRO NDI output in a video input for other applications that support a webcam.

Free Asset Downloads

Download free assets to start working with Edison. The Edison Collection completes your Edison PRO with dozens of useful, ready-to-use assets, from scenes, backgrounds, project templates to slides and pointers, that will help you starting with Edison and create amazing presentations since day one.

The other free assets feature individual scenes and projects that will add further possibilities and customization for your content creation. Those with the Unreal Engine logo have been originally created in Unreal Engine.

To download an asset, just click on its image.

edisonbg bw efficient
edisonbg cityblue
edisonbg conference room
edisonbg connecting
edisonbg convention center
edisonbg halo
edisonbg highschool
edisonbg influencer room
edisonbg japanese
edisonbg manhattan
edisonbg zen
office presentation
edison cave
edisontemp champions
edisontemp cubelight
edisontemp diaphanoussky
edisontemp multiusebox
edisontemp openair
edisontemp skvaller
edisontemp sportscenter

What's included in the Edison Collection

Following you will find the complete list of assets in the Edison Collection, including backgrounds, project templates, displays, overlays, pointers, slides and stands.


A collection of fully featured, customizable 3D backgrounds for your presentations.

Project templates

Here you will find complete, ready-to-use templates which include backgrounds and customizable assets.


Choose a virtual display you can add to your slides and place the presentation in.


Try some TV-like text captions and overlays to make your presentation more professional.


Virtual pointers will help you to highlight what is important in your presentation, and allow for live telestration.


Using these template slides allows for creating a presentation directly in Edison, without importing an external document.


Users can complement the presenter signal providing a virtual stand as if it was a real presentation.

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