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Free Software Downloads

In this page you will find free downloads that will enhance your Edison system, from software to help import your presentations or directly stream them, to additional scenes and project templates, including backgrounds, stands, screens and much more.

This button will send you to a landing page to download a trial version of the Edison software. There you will find the instructions, details and related assets.

Plugin to export a PowerPoint presentation directly to Edison, provided you already have Microsoft PowerPoint installed in your computer.

Free software that allows you to directly drag PDF documents to Edison and add each of their pages as a slide in your presentation.

OBS is a free software that allows you to quickly upload your Edison presentation to streaming platforms, or record it to disk as a video file.

NDI Webcam Input converts any available Edison PRO NDI output in a video input for other applications that support a webcam.

Adds support for Stream Deck panels, so actions can be mapped and triggered by a Stream Deck panel to control Edison commands.

Download Free Edison Assets

Download free assets to start working with Edison right away! The Edison Collections complete your Edison PRO with dozens of useful, ready-to-use assets, from scenes, backgrounds, project templates to slides and pointers, that will help you starting with Edison and create amazing presentations since day one.

Choose the Edison Collection /Basic to have a quick start on Edison PRO, or go for any other collections and more complex and eye-catching asset like scenes, complete projects or any individual asset you may need. Just select the asset you want to use and click on its image to download it.

The Edison Collection

The Edison Collections are compilations of assets that complete your Edison PRO with dozens of useful, ready-to-use scenes, backgrounds, project templates to slides and pointers, that will help you starting with Edison and create amazing presentations since day one.


Edison Collection /Basic

Project Templates

Here you will find complete, ready-to-use templates which include backgrounds and customizable assets. This section features individual scenes and projects that will add further possibilities and customization for your content creation. Those with the Unreal Engine logo have been originally created in Unreal Engine.

edisonbg bw efficient

BW Efficient

edisontemp champions


edisonbg cityblue

City Blue

edisonbg conference room

Conference Room

edisonbg connecting

Connecting Room

edisonbg convention center

Convention Center

edisontemp cubelight

Cube Light

edisontemp diaphanoussky

Diaphanous Sky

assets ue web

Eco Edison

edisonbg halo


edisonbg highschool

High School

edisonbg influencer room

Influencer Room

assets ue web

Interview Hall

edisonbg japanese


edisonbg manhattan


edisontemp multiusebox

Multi-use Box

assets ue web

News Studio

office presentation

Office Presentations

edisontemp openair

Open Air

edisontemp skvaller


edisontemp sportscenter

Sport Center

edisonbg zen


assets ue web


assets ue web

Daily Event

assets ue web

Space Art

assets ue web

University Classroom


A selection of fully featured, customizable 3D backgrounds and tracked movies for your presentations. Some of the backgrounds here appear in the Project Templates section, however this backgrounds do not have the rest of the features of the templates.

edisonbg auditorium


edisonbg classroom


edisonbg egypt temple

Egypt Temple

edisonbg library


mov autumn leaves

Movie Autumn Leaves

mov autumn park

Movie Autumn Park

mov basketball court

Movie Basketball Court

mov beach

Movie Beach

mov central park

Movie Central Park

mov check in counters

Movie Check-in Counters

mov cottage

Movie Cottage

mov departure lounge

Movie Departure Lounge

mov entrance bridge

Movie Entrance Bridge

mov forest path

Movie Forest Path

mov french garden

Movie French Garden

mov gaitanes gorge

Movie Gaitanes Gorge

mov gym

Movie Gym

mov lake dam

Movie Lake Dam

mov louvre museum

Movie Louvre Museum

mov manhattan

Movie Manhattan

mov mountains chain

Movie Mountains

mov museum building 1

Movie Museum 1

mov organic garden

Movie Organic Garden

mov park 1

Movie Park

mov playground

Movie Playground

mov rockefeller square

Movie Rockefeller Square

mov rome skyline 1

Movie Rome Skyline 1

mov rome skyline 2

Movie Rome Skyline 2

mov san siro stadium

Movie San Siro Stadium

mov sports court 1

Movie Sports Court

mov station anteroom

Movie Station Anteroom

mov station viewpoint

Movie Station Viewpoint

mov subway

Movie Subway

mov swimming pool 2

Movie Swimming Pool

mov temple

Movie Temple

mov tennis club

Movie Tennis Club

mov times square

Movie Times Square

mov train platform

Movie Train Platform

mov aljafería palace

Movie Aljaferia Castle


Here you will find EdisonGO-ready assets, such as tracked movies to build AR presentations.

ego easel

Movie EdisonGO Easel

ego phone

Movie EdisonGO Phone

ego scifi

Movie EdisonGO Sci-Fi


Using these template slides allows for creating a presentation directly in Edison, without importing an external document.

edisonslid 2 images

2 Images

edisonslid 4 images

4 Images

edisonslid 5 features

5 Features

edisonslid acronym


edisonslid aerial screw

Aerial Screw

edisonslid bars


edisonslid calendar


edisonslid chart


edisonslid comparison


edisonslid data


edisonslid equinox


edisonslid flying machine

Flying Machine

edisonslid greek columns

Greek Columns

edisonslid image slide

Image Slide

edisonslid key details

Key Details

edisonslid match columns

Match Columns

edisonslid pie


edisonslid quiz


edisonslid scifi slide

ScyFy Slide

edisonslid stickers


edisonslid text slide

Text Slide

edisonslid timed quiz

Timed Quiz

slide brainstorm formula 1

Formula 1

edisonslid timeline



Choose a virtual display you can add to your slides and place the presentation in.

edisondisp calendar


edisondisp color board

Color Board

edisondisp easel


edisondisp tv


edisondisp hastag board

Hashtag Board

edisondisp hub


edisondisp info board

Info Board

edisondisp notebook


edisondisp phone


edisondisp scifi


edisondisp tablet



Try some TV-like text captions and overlays to make your presentation more professional. Of course the text is editable, along with other parameters!

edisonover 1line lwt

1-Line Lower Third

edisonover 2line lwt

2-Line Lower Third

edisonover breaking

Breaking News

edisonover live


edisonover pop up

Pop Up

edisonover rounded lwt

Rounded Lower Third

edisonover squared lwt

Squared Lower Third

edisonover ticker


text lwt

Text Lower Third

highlight banner

Highlight Banner

right side lwt

Right Side Lower Third

quote lwt

Quote Lower Third


Users can complement the presenter signal providing a virtual stand as if it was a real presentation.

stand basic desk

Basic Desk

edisonstan classroom desk

Classroom Desk

edisonstan corner desk

Corner Desk

edisonstan library desk

Library Desk

edisonstan office desk

Office Desk

edisonstan box podium

Box Podium

edisonstan color podium

Color Podium

edisonstan classic podium

Classic Podium

edisonstan leather podium

Leather Podium

edisonstan lines podium

Lines Podium

edisonstan light podium

Light Podium

edisonstan logo podium

Logo Podium

edisonstan speaker podium

Speaker Podium

edisonstan studio desk

Studio Desk

edisonstan shell desk

Shell Desk


Virtual pointers will help you to highlight what is important in your presentation, and allow for live telestration.

edisonpoin chalk

Chalk Pointer

edisonpoin long pencil

Long Pencil

edisonpoin short pencil

Short Pencil

Waist downs

The waist downs can be used to simulate the body of the presenter behind a podium when the presenter’s image does not show his/her whole body.


Woman Gray Trousers


Man Grey Suit

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