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Production is part of the genetics of Brainstorm, as the company started providing broadcast services while developing software for these services. Brainstorm Production Services allows our customers to enjoy state-of-the-art production services and training, as it provides an end-to-end graphics production service already enjoyed by many of the world’s leading broadcasters. Brainstorm Production Services is in close contact both with the end users and the market as it participates in external productions, trade shows and customer training. Brainstorm staff becomes the first end users of our products, using them in real and complex productions, so we can guarantee the best understanding of our customers’ requirements and provide better training.

Brainstorm Production Services provides further flexibility, as sometimes a customer does not require to purchase a new product but needs a rental for a given project, or requires a turnkey solution for a specific need. At this time, the concourse of experienced staff allows customers to accomplish such projects minimizing its investment. In some occasions, Production Services can support our customers when their structure can’t cope with a specific project, or help with content creation for smaller companies.

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Training and Installations

Customers can rely in the quality of Brainstorm training, as our trainers are expert users of our products and not only provide training but they also adapt the courses to the final requirements of the customers.

Production Services can cope with the installation of Brainstorm products in the final site, and also offer maintenance, setting up and customer support when required. Our staff integrates in the customer’s structure to establish the correct workflows, helping on the initial stages of the production. In complex installations involving tracking virtual sets, our staff can also help in installation, setup and camera calibration.

Creative content

Brainstorm staff is formed by expert technicians and designers, and can create any graphic piece from single graphics to entire design lines, or from 3D objects to complete virtual sets, for any product of the Brainstorm range (eStudio, Aston 3D, InfinitySet, OnDemand…) for a variety of customers. This service guarantees a smooth start or transition for their designers to the use of our products. Also, as solution providers for specific projects, Production Services created turnkey applications and interfaces for special applications such as sports, elections, etc.

As solution providers for specific projects, Production Services created turnkey applications and interfaces for special applications, for which Brainstorm Production Services has been involved in many projects, from entertainment solutions to news graphics or elections coverage, and could cope with almost any real-time 2D or 3D graphics project there could be.