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Immersive virtual & AR live events with ease

The Edison ecosystem, built around Edison PRO, is a complete solution that transforms any live or online presentation into an immersive experience by using AR and virtual environments. It enhances your storytelling with real-time 3D graphics and other visual aids, while presenters are immersed in a virtual, photorealistic environment, and can easily run the presentation with clickers and other remote devices.

Easy-to-use application

Users can create dazzling presentations with total ease, based on everyday presentation tools like PPT or PDF files.

Compatible with Unreal Engine

Edison PRO is fully compatible with UE photorealistic scenes, which can be used as 3D backgrounds for the presentations.

Cost-effective, turnkey solution

Edison PRO is a cost-effective, turnkey solution, designed to ensure ease of operation, compatibility and performance.

The Edison ecosystem

The Edison ecosystem includes custom-built capture environments and apps like Edison eDesk and EdisonGO, a simple-to-use but powerful creation system like Edison PRO, and brings into the equation control devices (Stream Deck) and free applications like Edison OnDemand so any user can take advantage of Edison PRO’s powerful tools.

edison ecosystem

Turn any presentation into a live, virtual experience

Edison PRO is an innovative, template-based playout application that seeks to transform any live, online presentation or conference into an immersive experience through AR and virtual environments, allowing users to enhance their speech and storytelling with real-time 3D graphics and other visual aids, including immersing themselves in the presentation.

Based on Brainstorm’s 25 years of broadcast experience in virtual sets and AR, Edison PRO substantially improves the impact of any presentation. Users do not require any experience in graphics, video, image or 3D, as the starting point for their sessions is a PPT of PDF document.

edison compatible presentations2

Compatible with standard presentation tools

Edison PRO can import standard PPT and PDF files so the slides or pages can be displayed and controlled by the presenter by using Edison’s interface. The presentation can also be controlled using standard clicker devices, smartphones or tablets.

edison compatible presentations

Easy to use and control

Running a presentation is as easy as loading a template and importing the slides. Once a template is loaded, Edison PRO can key out and insert the presenter inside the 3D Virtual Reality scene, which can be further customized.

edison unlimited cameras

TrackFree virtual cameras that turn your virtual set limitless

Using Brainstorm’s patented TrackFree™ technology, Edison PRO takes the video feed of your fixed camera and creates virtual camera views from it. These are flexible, independent from the live feed, and can move freely in 3D space, as pedestals or cranes do in live production environments. This feature expands the virtual environment far beyond the limits of the physical chroma set. Users can change the camera view or create a new one at any time, instantly, with just a click!

assets ue web

Unreal Engine compatible

Edison PRO is compatible with UE scenes, which can be used as 3D backgrounds for the presentation. This improves your presentations with the ability to use hyper realistic background scenes in real-time.

Also, the optional Edison UC (Edison Unreal Control) plugin allows for controlling and editing the UE scene’s blueprints, objects and properties directly from Edison’s own, user-friendly interface.

New on Edison 5

Based on feedback from users, Edison PRO 5 introduces a number of new features that vastly enhance its possibilities for content creation. New features include workflow and IO enhancements, new virtual lights and actor improvements plus a new chroma keyer that vastly improves the integration of the actors.
edison ck 02

New advanced chroma key

Edison PRO 5 features a new chroma key with additional options, including a difference key and built-in presets that facilitate an automatic, single-click keying to start with, which can be further refined.

edison starlight

New Starlight Virtual Lights & Shadows

Starlight allows for easily applying several virtual shadows to the keyed actor, to simulate multiple light sources in the virtual set. The number of lights, its position, intensity, rotation and direction can be configured.

edison actorchase 2

New Actor Chase

Allows the virtual camera to automatically follow the actor, by making him/her a point of interest, while he/she moves around the set.

edison ndi ident

New NDI Ident

Identifies an input source as NDI, so it can be directly identified and selected at any time, which is perfect for Teams/Zoom setups.


Allows for a quick start of Edison with a simple template to work with, not requiring loading a specific template.

Actor Fill Color

Actors can be graded (color, contrast, brightness) to easily match their color temperature with that of the scene they are in.

Nvidia Broadcast Compatibility

Edison is now compatible with NVIDIA Broadcast so it can take advantage of its features of virtual webcam, effects, audio, etc.

Enhanced pointer

New pointer feature allows to draw directly in 3D space at the point of interest, and not just as an overlay in the frame.

EdisonGO, a camera tracking app in your smartphone

EdisonGO is a straight-forward, simple-to-use smartphone application that seeks to revolutionize and simplify camera tracking in non-professional and live environments.

EdisonGO can capture a live scene using an iPhone or iPad Pro and uses their LIDAR to add tracking to the video signal, so it can capture the information of the camera movement. The video and tracking information is then sent to Edison via NDI to include in-context AR content in real time, so any kind of slide, video, image or 3D objects can be seamlessly inserted in the scene.


fondo images appstore

Edison OnDemand, a web-based app for your presentations

Edison OnDemand is a free application that runs in a web browser, allowing users to instantly create a presentation just by connecting to a remote Edison PRO, select an existing background, add your slides, and use the remote machine to run the presentation. So, users without any knowledge of Edison can create amazing presentations at anytime. 

edisonweb 1

See how Edison can help you with creating amazing presentations

If you want more information on how Edison can help you for creating live AR/VR presentations and events, send us your questions and we will provide you with further information.

Dazzling live AR presentations in just two steps


1. Load a template

Edison PRO comes with a library of pre-defined templates, scenes, furniture, pointers, screens and other objects to populate the scene, available as free downloads.
edison step2

2. Insert your PPT/PDF presentation

Edison PRO can import standard PPT and PDF files so the slides or pages can be displayed and controlled by the presenter by using Edison’s interface or a clicking device.

Customize your presentation adding new assets

Once the template is loaded, Edison PRO can key out and insert the presenter inside the template scene by using its built-in chroma keyer. Then, the scene can be further customized, adding assets such as videos, images, 3D objects and much more. And, as Edison PRO is compatible with Unreal Engine scenes, your backgrounds can be as photorealistic as any high-end scene.
edison custom1

Once the template scene is loaded, users can customize it at will, changing the displays, furniture, backgrounds and adding elements like pointers or even interactive templates for quizzes and polls.

edison custom2

Users can also import any material they may require, like images, videos or 3D objects, regardless they have been custom-built for a presentation or downloaded from available libraries or stock image pages.

Are you an Unreal Creator with interest in Virtual Production?

If you want to make your scenes and assets Edison-ready and expand the reach of your content, join the Edison Creators Program.

Turnkey solution for immediate, high-quality results

edison 2023 1

Based on 30 years of the broadcast experience of Brainstorm in virtual sets and AR, Edison PRO substantially improves the quality and impact of your presentations without requiring specific knowledge in 3D, virtual studios or video.

Edison PRO is a standalone workstation that includes a future-proof hardware to ensure the ease of operation, compatibility and performance. Installation, training and support are online and straight-forward, ensuring a rock-solid operation even in highly demanding, live production environments.

Edison eDesk

To further facilitate Edison’s setup and operation, Brainstorm introduces Edison eDesk, a purpose-built, high-quality furniture desk that provides users with a complete, ready-to-use environment to start using Edison. The Edison eDesk has a pre-built space for the Edison PRO workstation, monitor, LED lights and camera support, providing a fully functional setup for creating or presenting with Edison. The portable chroma set, made of high-quality fabric, is prepared to facilitate the keying of the presenter, and can be used with the talent seated or standing in front of the setup.

Edison eDesk includes a pre-built space for a  Stream Deck control device so the user cancontrol the presentation directly with this device. The LED lights and camera are also pre-positioned to provide accurate focus and illumination.

edison edesk

Can we help you?

if you want to turn your presentations into impressive, virtual live experiences with excellent output quality, talk to us and we will show you how Edison PRO can help with your requirements.

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