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Weather infographics made simple

Weather information has always been of much interest for the audience of any news program and broadcasters have, since the beginning, tried to present this complex information in the most intelligible and appealing way possible. In order to excel and stand out over the competition, thus retaining the viewers attention, most broadcasters have been constantly developing and deploying the latest digital techniques that enhance storytelling, from the initial simple green screen backdrop keying techniques to the most advanced augmented reality, virtual studio technology and almost any element that turns complex data into a dynamic show with amusing weather graphics. 

Brainstorm started its collaboration with Antena 3 in Spain with the first  daily weather show featuring real-time 3D graphics. Today, sophisticated weather graphics are created using eStudio, Aston, or imported from external graphics or 3D software before being improved by the Brainstorm touch adn played out to air. Any mix of virtual sets, screens and objects and touch-screen video walls can be seamlessly integrated into your weather solution, as required. 

Smaller TV stations and local broadcasters with lower budgets can take advantage of AstonWeather, Brainstorm’s dedicated weather solution based on customizable templates. AstonWeather is a dedicated weather data graphics management system built up with ease of use in consideration and allows for noteworthy savings in personnel costs, pre-production, installation and training. AstonWeather templates include automatic updating of the weather data from standard databases, and does not require highly experienced users for generating attractive, complex and quality graphics to display weather graphics, including isobars maps, bar charts, lists, tickers and many more. 

Brainstorm’s software has been used to present weather information by Accuweather, Meteoplay, Antena 3 TV, A Punt or Al Mayadeen for their weather information services, among other clients.

Brainstorm's weather 3D graphics

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