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Innovative tools for powerful immersive teaching

Enhancing teaching and learning experiences

Modern AV technology including AR and VR is increasingly being adopted in all areas of education as it presents educators with a wealth of new and exciting possibilities for providing their students with new and enhanced teaching and learning experiences. 

AR and VR are specifically significant in distance learning, delivering much more immersive and inclusive learning experiences to remote learners. Currently, the students and the teachers do not need to meet in person, while they can still share files and notes with the instructor and even use video conferencing to discuss classroom issues, live. 

3D graphic simulations and models help teachers explain complex subjects more comprehensively and accurately, helping learners to better visualise the concepts. Technology makes learning substantially funnier and students are engaging and improving their retention of knowledge thanks to it. 

Brainstorm’s vast experience in education consists in providing virtual studio techniques and augmented reality graphic technologies to the students. Our approach is to bring our technology as an innovative tool for powerful immersive teaching in elementary schools, high schools and universities. 

Our software provides a highly innovative and technologically advanced education solution that allows teachers and students to interact with real-time 3D graphics, all within a virtual environment. 

Some universities that have resorted to Brainstorm’s technology are San Pablo CEU, the University of Santiago de Compostela USC, the Javeriana University in Bogotá and the University of California. Brainstorm continues in its commitment to supporting the educational sector and will enter into new agreements with other centres of learning in the near future.

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