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Brainstorm’s experience in the educational sector is focused on approaching virtual studio techniques and graphic technologies to the students. Our approach is to bring our technology as an innovative tool for a powerful immersive teaching in elementary schools, high schools and universities.

Our software provides a highly innovative and technologically advanced system which allows teachers and students to interact with real-time 3d graphics within a virtual environment. It enables schools and universities to experience and explore different media roles such as reporters, script writers lightning and camera operators, presenters and directors. From now on students will will give students hands-on practical experience and skills not usually available in the conventional educational system.

Some universities that have resorted to Brainstorm’s technology are San Pablo CEU, the University of Santiago de Compostela USC and the University of California. Brainstorm continues in its commitment to supporting the educational sector and will enter into new agreements with other centres of learning in the near future.