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Elections combine real-time, automatically updated 3D graphics, virtual studios, augmented reality and almost any element that turns complex data into a dynamic television show with eye-catching elections graphics.  

Elections, despite their importance and periodicity, are specific events for which broadcasters do not necessarily count on assigned teams. Likewise, the complexity of the data and the need to immediately present the results, turn most of the existing graphic solutions not adequate, or requiring too much time for their set-up.  

In addition, regardless of the greater or lesser interest of each event, the data seems relatively «boring» for the audience if it is shown “raw” and, in order to catch the audience’s attention, each channel must devise attractive and novel ways of presenting it. Viewers should perceive the data attractive in content and form, so not be overwhelmed by large amounts of unconnected numbers. 

Brainstorm has been covering elections almost since its inception as a company, both as a mere equipment supplier as well as providing its production services to clients such as BBC, between 2006 and 2012. This extensive experience, ranging from data source management to its presentation in attractive and innovative ways, has been transferred to both the various evolutions of its most advanced graphics developments and its simplest solutions based on templates.  

Also, Brainstorm solutions allow for creating custom-built control interfaces that specify the design, look and feel of the elections graphics, and also to determine their complexity depending on the knowledge of the user. Data can be manual or linked automatically to other applications, allowing immediate display of the latest information available. 

InfinitySetAston and more recently AstonElections have been the tools of choice for real-time elections graphics for many other of the world’s leading broadcasters, such as NBC, CNBC, Antena 3 TV or RTVE, to name just a few. 

Brainstorm's Elections Coverage

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