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The main objective of presentations is to communicate, but for communicating with an audience we first need to make a connection and then maintain it. And the key to maintaining such connection is to keep presentations fresh and attractive. It is imperative to embark the audience into something new, or that at least seems new to them. If not, sooner than later they will most likely tune out. 

Event organizers and production professionals are embracing the most advanced AR and VR technology and use it to create more personalized, engaging and emotional experiences for attendees. A committed attendee is one with whom you have made that significant connection and therefore is more likely to remember, consider and take action on the communication received after the event.  

To elevate attendees’ experiences to the next level, AR and VR can embark them in seductive and immersive experiences that can be delivered to a narrow group or to hundreds of guests in a large venue. 

Brainstorm provides the perfect tools for real-time 3D graphics for presentations, spectacularly displaying real-time data in touch or wide screens. Big events no longer use video or slideshow presentations, as the message must be enhanced with the presentation itself. 3D graphics and interactivity are the words of the day when catching the audience in real-time, and corporations want their message to be spread in the most spectacular way. 

Brainstorm technology for presentations can boost any PowerPoint, slide show or video content into a robust and captivating presentation.

Edison to help enhance presentations

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Brainstorm is focused on assisting our clients for creating highly engaging visual experiences for their viewers. With more than 2,500 installations worldwide, Brainstorm is present in many of the world’s largest broadcasters, smaller and regional stations, production houses and live events companies. If you want a quote for any of our products and solutions, please contact Brainstorm or any of the authorized resellers in your area.

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