Brainstorm's pathway to broadcast graphics management

Neuron is a MOS-compatible, template-based system that integrates graphics creation and management into most common newsroom, continuity and broadcast traffic operation environments, allowing users to integrate high-quality pre-defined 3D graphics to their workflow without the constant input from the Graphics Department.

Fully scalable

Fully scalable broadcast graphics management system that can be tailored to match any channel’s requirements and budget.

Create, manage, edit and schedule

Neuron is MOS-compatible and integrates with most commonly available newsroom and automation environments.

Graphics management

Users can create, manage, edit and schedule template-based graphics within the system, and add them to rundown lists.

Fully scalable, modular solution

Neuron allows journalists, producers and other users with no prior 3D graphics knowledge to input data into pre-defined templates that are then updated in the system and added to a rundown list for transmission in the playout area. Additionally, Neuron allows for the integral management of templates and finished graphics through the broadcast workflow including traffic and branding. Neuron is a complete and scalable system that comprises various modules and plugins to allow the integration in any broadcast workflow, no matter how complex.

Neuron components 

Neuron content

Allows editing of template graphics. It is not required where Neuron is integrated with third party newsroom systems, and in complex systems can be used as a backup to deliver real-time on-air 3D graphics.

Neuron controller

Software module that allows the preview, playout, editing and customization of graphics.

Neuron client

A plug-in to select the templates, or review the list of created graphics, to customize the final graphics. As part of Brainstorm’s MOS integration, it works inside the newsroom environment.

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Template-based graphics

Neuron supports Brainstorm’s SmartTemplates for easier data input and graphic updating. This feature expands the graphics possibilities and flexibility of the newsroom, allowing faster on-air delivery. Data can be automatically retrieved and then modified from external data sources such as databases, spreadsheets and similar applications, or even RSS feeds, with such automation speeding the process and reducing the margin for error.

Transition effects

SmartTemplates provide sophisticated replacement and transition effects and enable simple graphics to be combined to create more complex ones.

Multiple format support

Neuron is resolution independent, supporting SDI and HD-SDI inputs and outputs with video and key. Works in any HDTV flavour plus PAL and NTSC.

External data applications

SmartTemplates link seamlessly to external data sources, and can collect data from applications such as spreadsheets, databases, feeds or websites.

Comprehensive workflow

Broadcast graphics workflows can be complicated with content coming from many sources. Neuron integrates and simplifies the process, supporting the playout of graphics and templates created in Brainstorm products or in other software packages. So, once a series of templates are created, they can be added or imported into the system and modified at any time. Users working at their own desktops, individually yet in a collaborative manner, can log on to the system to access templates and update them for subsequent addition to a schedule. From their workstation, users can see a preview picture or movie of the graphic they have created before adding it to the rundown.

Newsroom and Automation integration

Neuron is MOS-based and seamlessly integrates with newsroom systems such as Avid’s iNewsAP’s  ENPSAnnova’s OpenMedia, Octopus and VSN’s VSNNEWS. It is a scalable solution, with any number of users and outputs depending on the requirements of the channel. MOS compatibility then allows the seamless integration of graphics into the rest of the newsroom and traffic environment.

Gallery Neuron 2

Neuron in a MOS Environment

Neuron integrated traffic and automation workflow

Neuron with Aston in the Newsroom

Playlists can be managed from the newsroom via drag and drop of graphics, which can be further edited. The playlist can be sent to the on-air command system, and last minute graphics can be added immediately from the command system or directly from the newsroom. Additionally, Neuron allows for manual operation of playlists.

Integration with NLE systems

With Neuron, operators of non-linear editing systems (NLE), such as Avid Media Composer, can easily access the templates to create graphics and directly insert them into their project’s timeline. By using the Neuron Client plugin, editors do not need to wait for the graphics to be create by someone else and made available to include them in their projects.

Compatible Newsroom, Automation and Traffic systems

On top of its MOS compatibility, Neuron integrates in different Newsroom environments, and with a number of Automation and Traffic systems. Also, the Neuron ADM (Advanced Device Manager) can also be used separately for customers that look for integration on a branding, automation or continuity system.

Scalable system

Based on networked PCs, Neuron can be scaled up, adding users and outputs according to customer requirements.

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