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Virtual production and graphics to entertain the audience

Television is all about informing, educating and entertaining viewers. Entertainment content means a large share for broadcasters in terms of time and resources needed to produce it, since even the most information and educative related content must be presented in a way that entertains, thus capturing and retaining the viewer’s attention. 

For every producer, editor and network executive, emotion is the gold they rely on to propel an entertainment show forward. Whether it’s excitement, joy or amped up craziness, real and strong emotions are what captivates an audience and drive a great entertainment show. 

One of the fields of expertise of Brainstorm Production Services is providing clients with real-time 3D graphics for entertainment, such as the ones featured in the Spanish versions of “Jeopardy”, “The Alphabet Game”,  “Wheel of Fortune” or “Ben 10 Challenge”, to name just a few . 

Interactive 3D graphics and augmented reality allows for creating visual environments where real footage and live videos are mixed with virtual backgrounds or scenes and data-driven 3D graphics can interact with chroma keyed talent, which provides excellent new possibilities for enhancing storytelling and conveying or generating emotions.  

On the technical side, Brainstorm allows for controlling external hardware using standard protocols, so sound, light and actions can be matched with the logic of the game directly from the Brainstorm environment, if required. 

Brainstorm’s eStudio and Aston are also ideal for generating real-time graphics for entertainment, including game shows, children programming and other entertainment programs. Having software with the ability to work for you in your application means the interfaces have to be flexible with customized interfaces for easy and intuitive control by the on-air operator. Also, the ability to create custom interfaces simplifies the live production of the shows.

Pasapalabra - eStudio, the power behind a long-lasting quiz show

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Brainstorm is focused on assisting our clients for creating highly engaging visual experiences for their viewers. With more than 2,500 installations worldwide, Brainstorm is present in many of the world’s largest broadcasters, smaller and regional stations, production houses and live events companies. If you want a quote for any of our products and solutions, please contact Brainstorm or any of the authorized resellers in your area.

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