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Visually-engaging Social TV graphics

OnMedia is an integrated, stand-alone, modular application which makes it easy to search, filter, publish, visualize and engage with content from the audience. Integrates editorial systems for aggregating and moderating live social content with real-time 3D graphics capabilities to present such data in the most attractive manner, and enhancing the information displayed. On top of that, OnMedia is a flexible, scalable and cost effective solution which can adapt to complexity and needs of each broadcaster.

OnMedia helps broadcasters to enhance their programming content to drive higher audience ratings and foster loyalty from their audiences, providing a unique, end-to-end clud-based solution for social graphics management.

Why OnMedia

OnMedia is an end-to-end solution for managing virtual and augmented reality 3D graphics based on social media feeds.

OnMedia allows producers, journalists and editorial teams to gather, moderate and build engaging real-time 3D graphics content.

A flexible system where simple creative changes can be made in a single interface quickly and easily, even while on-air.

Visually engaging Social TV

OnMedia uses to gather the information across the network (feeds, hashtags, polls, etc), generates the structured information out of selected criteria (kind of information, geolocalization…) and then makes this information available for Aston, which then uses the power of its 3D render engine to deliver proper visualization of the data. This takes advantage of Brainstorm’s extensive experience in delivering attractive, real-time data driven graphics in high pressure broadcast environments.

Integrated technology

OnMedia integrates both never-no’s and Brainstorm technologies, delivering all the power of its 3D Graphics Engine to display the information gathered and structured previously from the internet. The Social Media Engine can select the information, edit the graphics template, publish it and send the graphics to any broadcaster’s workflow, or play them out to air directly. This allows broadcasters to deliver structured social media information to air independently from other graphics applications, with the ability to select which information is to be displayed and decide to show it on the main screen or to second screen or mobile applications.

Key Features

State of the art integrated 3D graphics system with social publishing capabilities.

Manage user-generated content from a range of social media sources such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Select, customise, preview and trigger graphical templates within the interface.

Scalable, modular solutions to adapt to any broadcaster.

Easily deploy 3D enhanced social media graphics in AR/VR environments.

Second screen solution completely integrated with the social media engine.

OnMedia workflow diagram

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