Global Alumni

Global Alumni – Transforming Higher Education through Technology

Global Alumni is an edtech company which uses Brainstorm solutions to generate virtual spaces in three dimensions to carry out synchronous sessions with professors and students for different universities.

Global Alumni is a an edtech company operating in Spain and Latin America, dedicated to the digital transformation of the best educational institutions in the world: MIT, University of Chicago, Chicago Booth, UCLA or Esade, to mention just a few. Through cutting-edge technologies and constant innovation, Global Alumni has managed to break down physical and language boundaries, allowing professionals from anywhere in the world to access the most advanced knowledge, regardless of their native language.

When choosing the technology required to fulfil its vision, Global Alumni decided to go beyond simple video conferencing. It is known that the use of virtual production and augmented reality increases the audience’s attention and allows the concepts to be better explained, so the company decided to invest not only on connectivity, but to combine it with advanced content creation, and the abilityto present topics in an engaging and attractive way, focusing on the latest technologies for virtual creation.

To know more about this project, please download the case study.

  • Client:Camkoon
  • Date:March, 2021
  • Project Type:News, Entertainment

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