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Broadcast design is a demanding task and the pressure is constant to quickly deliver or modify high-quality graphics that enhance a channel’s branding and program content. 

Brainstorm’s eStudio has been the benchmark system for real-time 3D graphics for more than 25 years, and now Aston, Brainstorm’s 2D/3D motion graphics creation solution, is the designers’ choice for advanced graphics creation, CG animation and workflow integration. Aston’s graphics management is based on “SmartTemplates”, that vastly outperform the traditional page-based creation, featuring unlimited animations, and as complex as required, that can be triggered whenever needed. SmartTemplates are fully prepared for data-driven graphics requirements, allowing elements to change dynamically when data changes, as they can automatically look up data and redraw graphics accordingly.  

As a real-time graphics company, Brainstorm uses a template approach rather than pages or finished graphics, which by definition require rendering and storage. When dealing with real-time graphics, once a template is filled with the required information, the graphic is immediately generated, so it does not have to be rendered or stored as it is generated on demand and sent on-air. 

To add flexibility to graphics creation and playout, Brainstorm developed StormLogic, a unique approach to intuitive template interaction with an advanced object-based animation. StormLogic allows for building and managing complex animations and interactions between elements without the usual need for hours of programming and the creation of complex tables or spreadsheets, providing users with an extremely flexible playout system.  

Aston seamlessly integrates with InfinitySet, allowing for including projects within the virtual set environment and Augmented Reality applications as a part of the set or as full-screen material. 

Many world-renowned clients, such as CNBC, SMT, Gravity Media, Setanta, A Punt and many others have resorted to Brainstorm to design or re-launch their global brands in order to provide with better-looking, high impact graphics for TV. 

CNBC Case Study

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