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Designers’ choice for 2D/3D motion graphics
Aston is a motion graphics creation, CG and playout system developed with the designers in mind, created from the ground up to be extremely user friendly so the operators can concentrate on creation rather than pure operation.

Broadcast design is a demanding task and the pressure is constant to quickly deliver or modify high-quality graphics that enhance a channel’s branding and program content. Designed for a robust on-air operation, designers can create, manipulate, animate and perform last-minute changes, even while on-air. Aston enables the design team to change any of the attributes on the template in real-time making the improvement process easier and faster.

Aston is resolution independent and works with any HDTV flavour, 4K or even higher resolutions for larger screens. In addition, Aston is MOS compatible and also supports a wide range of 3D formats such as .fbx, .dae, .obj and.3ds, to name a few.

Why Aston

Aston is a designer-oriented solution, developed to facilitate and enhance the design process.

Features an adaptative GUI where the basic tools are always present, but as the design grows the required contextual tools become automatically visible.

Aston integrates seamlessly into collaborative workflow environments. Designers can share objects, libraries, presets, properties, compositions or complete projects so they are available to anyone involved in the project.

For CG operation, Aston provides both the page-based workflow familiar to many designers, as well as the possibility of working with templates.

Created for designers
Aston has been created from the ground up to be extremely user friendly, so designers can concentrate on creation rather than on pure operation.

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop creation
  • Adaptative Contextual Interface. The basic tools are always present, but as the design grows the required contextual tools become automatically visible
  • Properties and attributes. Objects always display all their properties, so designers have all the information at hand, anytime
  • Supports a wide range of 3D formats such as .fbx, .dae, .obj or .3ds
Simple, intuitive drag-and-grop creation
Properties and attributes are always at hand
Works with any HDTV flavour, 4K or even higher

Advanced primitives, objects and materials

Brainstorm supports a wide variety of objects and primitives, from simple spheres to intricate curves or arrows, which also allow for multiple properties. Practically all the parameters (geometry, size, appearance, materials…) of the wide variety of objects and primitives supported by Aston are editable.
Aston includes a wide variety of primitives: Basic primitives (sphere, cone, cube…), curves, data bars, particles systems and much more, all with multiple parameters.
Aston’s data bars feature multiple editable attributes (borders, corners…) and are easily linkable to external data.
Parameters are fully editable and animatable: geometry, size, appearance, materials… Also, objects can be adhered together, grouped and work as a unit when required.
Particle generators (fire, smoke, rain…) are an off-the-shelf feature in Aston, available as primitives.

Font and text management

Flexible 2D fonts
Aston features unlimited flexible, vector-based 2D fonts with advanced features like autogrow and autofill.

Aston 2D Fonts

Unlimited font attributes

Numerous, independently tweakable, font attributes like size, kerning, tracking, width, plus body, borders, outline, shadow, etc

Multiple alphabets
Aston supports multiple alphabets and font sets: Latin, Cyrillic, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Thai and many more.

Advanced 3D fonts

Aston supports advanced real-time 3D Fonts with extremely precise rendering quality and extensive features and parameters with real-time render and operation.

Extended control of parameters:

  • Independent sides
  • Lighting
  • Curve definition
  • Textures
  • Reflections
  • Advanced bevels and materials


Intelligent CG made simple

When creating texts designers can select from a variety of choices, from static to animated texts like tickers, straps, etc. Multiple behaviour modes are available for text boxes, such as autogrow, autofill, pivot, crop and many more. Aston text work in the 3D space, and all their properties are always visible and available simultaneously for animation, allowing for distinct advanced creative effects.

Text and 3D objects can be linked to move, resize and grow together, allowing for advanced transition effects without scripting. Also, any text can be converted into fonts, allowing for easier template creation.

Automatic creation of animated texts like tickers, straps, etc
Multiple behaviour modes: autogrow, autofill, pivot, crop…
Unlimited animation presets for creative text insertion and replacement
Auto-adjustable text boxes
Text boxes can be automatically adjusted as more text is typed. This allows the text to maintain its design attributes and parameters regardless its length, and opens the door for interesting creative effects.
Text auto-resizing
Text boxes can also maintain their size regardless the amount of text they contain, which will be automatically resized as it is typed. This allows to input unusually long texts while keeping the overall design.
Form-based text input
Any text can be converted into forms for easier template creation. This allows for creating purpose-built text input boxes to simplify text editing in complex templates with multiple text elements.

Choose your flavour: 2D or 3D

When the most sophisticated tools for 3D graphics are required, Aston provides them all; but for applications which do not require such advanced 3D environments, or for designers used to 2D environments, Aston2D is the right choice.

With Aston2D, designers have access to all the power of Aston’s creation and animation toolset, but excluding specific 3D tools such as lights, extrusion or 3D object properties, and in a more affordable format. Designers do not have to worry about lights and environments, which simplifies and speeds up 2D graphics creation.

StormLogic is Brainstorm’s approach to intuitive template interaction. It is a tree structure of folders, that defines the logic between templates. This structure is created just by dragging and dropping templates in the desired place in the folder structure, where each folder defines the behaviour of the objects it contains.

StormLogic allows both preset animations or customized keyframed timelines.

Individual objects within a group have their own animations, and StormLogic allows the operator to define the interactions between objects regardless their original animation.
Object interaction is based on simple object or group movements that can be mixed to create complex object-based animations. SmartTemplates allow animations to be triggered whenever required.
Unlimited templates
Productions can include unlimited templates with their individual animations plus the interaction between them.
Animation buttons
StormLogic permits the creation of customizable buttons to control objects and animations.
Interpolated actions
Cut or alter productions dynamically, or interpolate between different actions on the fly, even while on-air.

Advanced GRID animation

Grids allow objects to be positioned, distributed, aligned and moved in space
With StormLogic, grids allow for additional distribution regardless of the animation
Dynamically defined Grids. A single template can feature different grid options to display data as required
Augmented Reality
Aston seamlessly integrates with InfinitySet, allowing for including projects within the virtual set environment and Augmented Reality applications as a part of the set or as full-screen material.



InfinitySet motion graphics

 Data-driven graphics


Aston supports external data-driven graphics, with or without scripting, allowing for:

  • Unlimited input sources (XML, RSS, etc) per production and cross-references between data.
  • In Sports or Election Nights, allow for enormous amount of data to be presented in a comprehensible way
  • Data are automatically presented, animated and re-ordered as required
Collaborative workflow
Aston integrates seamlessly into collaborative workflow environments:

  • Support for multiple inputs from designers and other team members.
  • Sharing of objects, libraries, presets, properties, compositions or complete projects so they are available to any user on the network.

Turnkey system

Aston is delivered as a complete, turnkey system ready to use, fully and immediately integrable in any broadcaster’s workflow. Using standard broadcast plus complete IT connectivity, it is prepared to work at its best since day one.
Aston Suite

  • Complete Aston solution. Includes the Designer and Player modules, as well as one OnDemand license for playout control.

Aston CG

  • Includes the Designer and Player modules. Good for standalone solutions that do not require of advanced playout control.

Aston Designer

  • Designer module. Does not have playout or render capabilities.

Aston Player

  • Playout and render module. Does not have creation capabilities


Hardware Recommendations

NOTE These configurations are not valid for 4K. For any 4K solution please contact your sales representative.

General recomendations

SSD 256GB (OS)
SSD 256GB (Data)
HP Serial Port Adapter Kit

Tier definitions

Laptop Laptop: 1 output, 1 fullHD movie
Low Preview OR Program. 1 movie fullHD
Medium Preview + Program. 3 fullHD movie. Snap preview.
4K Preview OR Program. 1 4K Movie. No Input.
High Preview + Program. 5 movies fullHD. Snap preview.
Dual channel Medium times 2.

SDI recomendations

Desktop: AJA KONA 4
Laptop: BlackMagic Ultrastudio 4K (TB)
4K: AJA Corvid 88 (for 3G Square division) or BlackMagic 4K Extreme 12G (for 12G)

New Aston configurations (z4/z6/z8)

The row in bold is the generally recommended one.

Laptop zBook 17 G5 i7-8700 RTX5000 32GB BM UltraStudio 4K + Apple TB3 Adapter B
Medium z4 Xeon W-2135 RTX4000 32GB   C
Medium 5028R-WR E5-1650v4 RTX4000 16GB Dual PSU (only for Spain) C
4K z4 W-2145 RTX6000 32GB   C
High z4 W-2145 RTX5000 32GB   C
Dual Channel z8 2×6128 2xP4000 64GB(8×8) 2nd SSD 512 instead of 256 D

Old Aston configurations (z440/z640/z840)

The row in bold is the generally recommended one.

Laptop zBook 17 G3 i7-6700MQ M5000M 32GB BM UltraStudio 4K + Apple TB3 Adapter B
Low z440 E5-1620v4 P4000 8GB   B
Medium z640 E5-1650v4 P4000 16GB(4×4)   B
Medium 5028R-WR E5-1650v4 P4000 16GB Dual PSU (Only for Spain) C
4K z840 E5-1650v4 P5000 32GB(4×8)   C
High z840 E5-2667v4 P5000 32GB(4×8)   B
Dual Channel z840 2xE5-2643v4 2xP4000 32GB(8×4) +1 256GB SSD B


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