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Brainstorm customer support

At Brainstorm we are proud of our ability to interact with our customers and user base, even allowing direct contact between them and our Research and Development Team to provide the state-of-the-art Customer Support that has always been a difference for the company. Brainstorm provides customers with a variety of alternatives to access support: via phone, email or web applications.

Broadcast is a demanding environment that requires immediate attention to pending issues, so having a support contract allows products to be fully updated and guarantees faster attention to any issue. The most immediate way to ask for support is via e-mail. At the reception of the mail, Brainstorm assigns an expert that will follow the issue until it is solved.

Brainstorm encourages its customers to keep their systems updated. The latest releases of our products can be downloaded by accessing the customer account on Brainstorm’s FTP site.

Brainstorm customers with a service contract have also access to the User Forum, where they can search for support issues, interacting with Brainstorm personnel and other customers, and the Issue Tracker where specific software bugs can be reported and followed. Customers also have access to the Brainstorm FTP to download the latest software, installers, manuals and much more.

Support for Edison PRO

Brainstorm has implemented a free support process for Edison PRO systems and customers that do not benefit from Edison PRO Premium Support. If you want to acquire Premium Support, please ask your Brainstorm representative or reseller.

Ask the community

The Brainstorm community can help you with your queries. Log into the Brainstorm Users Blog, ask the community and the Brainstorm experts in the User Forum, or review the FAQs as a first line of support.

Web-based support

Brainstorm has created a web support form for Edison PRO userswhich, by asking some questions, guides users on the possible solutions and next steps to help solving possible issues with your Edison PRO.

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