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Brainstorm customer support

At Brainstorm we are proud of our ability to interact with our customers and user base, even allowing direct contact between them and our Research and Development Team to provide the state-of-the-art Customer Support that has always been a difference for the company. Brainstorm provides customers with a variety of alternatives to access support: via phone, email or web applications.

Broadcast is a demanding environment that requires immediate attention to pending issues, so having a support contract allows products to be fully updated and guarantees faster attention to any issue. The most immediate way to ask for support is via e-mail. At the reception of the mail, Brainstorm assigns an expert that will follow the issue until it is solved.

Brainstorm customers with a service contract have also access to the User Forum, where they can search for support issues, interacting with Brainstorm personnel and other customers, and the Issue Tracker where specific software bugs can be reported and followed. Customers also have access to the Brainstorm FTP to download the latest software, installers, manuals and much more.

Latest product releases

The latest releases of our products can be downloaded by accessing your customer account on Brainstorm’s FTP site.


Brainstorm’s award-winning InfinitySet dramatically enhances production value to capture and retain new and larger audiences, while greatly reducing production costs and opening up new sources of revenue.

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Aston is a motion graphics creation, CG and playout system developed with the designers in mind, created from the ground up to be extremely user friendly so the operators can concentrate on creation rather than pure operation.

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Brainstorm’s eStudio is a powerful and flexible tool that provides solutions for any kind of real-time graphics. The eStudio is unique in the market due to its sophistication, open architecture and versatility, enabling both design and real-time playout of virtual studios and 3D graphics.

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Neuron is an integrated, MOS-compatible, template-based system that allows for complex graphics integration into the most common broadcast workflows, transcending the newsroom to support automation and broadcast traffic operation.

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Aston Elections is a simple to use, yet sophisticated application with customizable templates, allowing for data presentation of complex and high-quality graphics for maximum visual impact and program enhancement.

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