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The industry’s fastest real time 3D graphics and virtual studio engine

Brainstorm eStudio is a powerful and flexible tool that provides solutions for any kind of real-time graphics. The eStudio is unique in the market due to its sophistication, open architecture and versatility, enabling both design and real-time playout of virtual studios and 3D graphics as well as the easy creation of customized applications. It provides excellent results for applications such as News & Sports, channel branding, weather, entertainment, charts and graphics, interactive corporate presentations or film pre-visualization.

Brainstorm has been pushing the boundaries of virtual set production and development for over 25 years. Brainstorm pioneered the application of camera tracking to 3D real-time virtual set, and eStudio interfaces with practically all current tracking systems, making integration with any production hardware an out-of-the-box feature.

Why eStudio

Brainstorm’s eStudio is a powerful and flexible toolset that provides solutions for all kinds of 2D and 3D real-time graphics, and is also the render engine on which all other Brainstorm products run.

As well as working as a high-end virtual set using camera tracking and external chroma keyers, eStudio also integrates its own built-in chroma keyer and takes advantage of Brainstorm’s patented TrackFree technology.

eStudio supports Brainstorm’s SmartTemplates, which can automatically look up data and redraw graphics accordingly. Data can be changed manually or linked to databases, spreadsheets or real-time feeds.

Advanced rendering and modelling

The advanced modelling toolset of eStudio includes built-in geomtries and primitives, imported models, hyerarchy of objects, material and textures, built-in text effects and particle systems and much more. eStudio also allows texturizing objects using pictures and movies.

eStudio features advanced rendering options with fully OpenGL power  with shaders, bumpmaps, shadows and impostors. Multi-texturing and multi-pass per material and customized filter shaders and 2D effects (distortion, bloom…) are also available. eStudio shaders support up to 32 inputs.

Support for PBR shaders

Supports PBR (Physically Based Rendering) shaders as materials, and can also be imported from external shader editing software.

Reflector objects

Real Render Object Reflection over flat surfaces via additional internal rendering from a reflected camera position.

Soft shadows algorithm

eStudio renders real-time soft shadows from 3D lights parameters using a dedicated algorithm.

Selective defocus algorithm

Using the real camera’s parameters, eStudio applies selective defocus on the virtual scene.

Playlist textures

eStudio can run a playlist of pictures and clips with multiple start, end and looping points.

2D and 3D object creation and management

From stills, lower-thirds or OTS to full screen graphics and animations, virtually any kind of 2D or 3D graphic can be accomplished with eStudio. It also supports StormLogic and SmartTemplates which can automatically look up data and redraw graphics accordingly, allowing for manual or automatic data input from other applications, databases, spreadsheets or real-time feeds.

eStudio imports and manipulates graphic files and 3D models from a variety of 2D and 3D software packages in a variety of 3D formats such as .fbx, .dae, .obj and.3ds, to name a few. Also, virtually any kind of 2D image and video format is accepted.


TrackFree is a patented camera-tracking independent technology that provides just what its name claims: the total freedom for operators to use any tracking system, trackless or fixed cameras, or a combination of these at the same time.

Allows for combined Chroma Keying, even within the same production:

  • Internal chroma key software
  • External chroma key hardware
  • Combination of both

TrackFree advanced features:

  • TeleTransporter
  • 3D Presenter
  • HandsTracking
  • FreeWalking



eStudio allows the incorporation of external post-production tracking hardware and software data along with real-time tracking data, combining both with any object or set on the scene.

Support for embedded camera data

External tracking data coming from real cameras or third-party tracking software is supported as metadata and transferred and applied to the virtual camera’s parameters. External data data can be inserted for every frame:

  • As ancillary data.
  • Embedded in the last line of the video image.
  • Plugins are provided also for After Effects Camera Tracker and Boujou for data insertion in video clips.


3D Presenter

Converts the talent into a 3D object, achieved by generating a true 3D representation of the talent from a video feed. The presenter becomes an actual 3D object embedded within the virtual set. 3D Presenter features:

  • Casts real shadows of the talent from virtual lights over virtual and real objects.
  • Allows for interaction of the talent with 3D elements in the virtual set.
  • Adds volumetric lighting for selective illumination and colour correction of the talent, the lights interact in a realistic manner with the talent’s 3D volume.

Volumetric lighting



Enables talents to move freely around the green screen theatre matching their movements within the 3D space.


Allows the triggering of events and animations just with the simple movement of the bare hands.

Advanced TrackFree features

InfinitySet 3 includes a number of advanced features which improve the realism of the final composition, while allow for the seamless integration between virtual and real content.


Thanks to VideoGate, a presenter in the virtual set can walk into a virtual screen, into the featured news, and be part of the video itself with full realism regardless it is shown full screen or as part of the set.

The talent enters and exits the video with full precise and accurately matched perspective, and once inside the clip it behaves correctly in terms of spatial reference and with the inclusion of realistic shadows, defocus etc.

Real Set Virtualization

InfinitySet can undistinguishably use real, live or pre-recorded footage to use it as the background set for the chroma keyed talent. The original stage can be recorded in pre-determined shots, and the chroma keyed talent that is recorded in a remote station can then use the original studio’s shots, including its tracking data if available, to be tele-transported to that set, therefore seeming they are placed physically on that set.

This functionality allows a remote talent to enter any stage at any time, while seamlessly mixing real and virtual elements.


Brainstorm’s VideoCAVE feature is a Mixed Reality application which uses monitors on a real set to behave as a CAVE multiple window, with virtual elements coming in from the virtual windows to the real scene as seen from the tracked broadcast camera.

The CAVE concept is the acronym of “Cave Automatic Virtual Environment”, and is related to a multiple virtual window, an immersive virtual reality environment where projections are directed to a cube or room space.

Exclusive typographic features

eStudio has taken advantage of the development of character generation in Aston, which lead to the implementation of many text and font features usually available only in high end character generators.

New Text Editor allows to apply effects such as color, font, size and style effects (bold, italic, underline) by simple selection.

eStudio provides full support for complex languages (Thay, Devanagari, Vertical Japanese, etc.)

Advanced Font decoration:

  • Three-border configuration
  • Each layer can have different colors and textures
  • Emboss effects for layers and borders
  • Configurable shadow layers for color, size, blur, transparency, etc.
  • Font Families for Normal, Bold, Italic and Bold-Italic


Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality requires the interaction between sets, talents and virtual objects, often created out of external data sources. These in-context data driven objects allow for visually engaging and better explained representations of the data.

Since its very beginning Brainstorm has provided virtual and augmented reality for television programs, election coverae and entertainment shows, displsyuing data and information in a very attractive manner.

Custom interfaces

eStudio enables the easy drag-and-drop creation of customized interfaces for simple and intuitive control. The user can have just a few buttons for basic animations or detailed control panels for complex tasks. Simple drag-and-drop controls allow for full control any element in the eStudio software to build their own applications.

The custom interfaces capabilities of eStudio have been further developed to the point of being able to create individual products based on it such as Aston or InfinitySet. New options include multisplitters for interface panners or IconTrees allowing to insert  portions of interface in the folder.

Open hardware interfaces

Brainstorm works closely with many hardware manufacturesrs such as NVIDIA, Bluefish, AJA, Blackmagic, FOR-A, NewTek and many other. The eStudio also interfaces with most camera tracking systems.

Click here to see the partner list.

Hardware Recommendations

This is an orientative guide of the hardware supported by eStudio 14. However, we encourage you to contact your sales representative in order to ensure the following configurations fit your needs.

General Recomendations

6 Core Intel Xeon CPU @3.5Ghz
HDD 500GB (OS)
SSD 256GB (Data)

Recommended Graphics cards

Minimum: NVIDIA Quadro M2000
Recommended: NVIDIA Quadro P5000 / P4000

Please refer to the NVIDIA Quadro webpage for information about performance.

Supported SDI Cards

Blackmagic Design

Supported Tracking Systems

Motion Analysis


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