The industry’s most flexible real-time 3D graphics and virtual studio engine

Brainstorm eStudio is a powerful and flexible tool that provides solutions for any kind of real-time graphics. It is unique in the market due to its sophistication, open architecture and versatility, enabling both design and real-time playout of virtual studios and 3D graphics as well as the easy creation of customized applications. It provides excellent results for applications such as News & Sports, channel branding, weather, entertainment, charts and graphics, interactive corporate presentations or film pre-visualization. Brainstorm has been pushing the boundaries of virtual set production and development for over 25 years. Brainstorm pioneered the application of camera tracking to 3D real-time virtual set, and eStudio interfaces with practically all current tracking systems, making integration with any production hardware an out-of-the-box feature.

Powerful and flexible toolset

eStudio provides solutions for all kinds real-time graphics, and it is also the render engine on which all other Brainstorm products run.

Photorealistic rendering

With advanced rendering features, like PBR, HDR and support for Unreal Engine, eStudio can provide the best rendering quality for real-time projects.

Unlimited graphics power

eStudio supports SmartTemplates, which can automatically look up data from external data sources and redraw graphics accordingly.

Advanced rendering and modelling

The advanced modelling toolset of eStudio includes built-in geometries and primitives, imported models, hyerarchy of objects, material and textures, built-in text effects and particle systems and much more. eStudio also allows texturizing objects using pictures and movies. eStudio features advanced rendering options with fully OpenGL power with shaders, bumpmaps, shadows and impostors. Multi-texturing and multi-pass per material and customized filter shaders and 2D effects (distortion, bloom…) are also available. eStudio shaders support up to 32 inputs. 

Support for PBR shaders

Supports PBR (Physically Based Rendering) shaders as materials, which can also be imported from external shader editing applications like Substance.

Reflector objects

Real Render Object Reflection over flat surfaces via additional internal rendering from a reflected camera position.

Soft shadows algorithm

eStudio renders real-time soft shadows from 3D lights parameters using a dedicated algorithm.

Selective defocus algorithm

Using the real camera’s parameters, eStudio applies selective defocus on the virtual scene.

Playlist textures

eStudio can run a playlist of pictures and clips with multiple start, end and looping points.

Real-time ray tracing

eStudio takes full advantage of the latest hardware developments found in NVIDIA RTX GPU technology. By using NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUs, eStudio can deliver real-time ray tracing, which provides a much more accurate rendering, especially with complex light conditions.


eStudio fully supports PBR shaders as materials, which can also be imported from external shader editing software like Substance and other material editors. HDR allows for rendering wide-gamma pictures. The eStudio can render floating 16 bit per channel/component, supporting for P2020 gamma correction output. This allows for post-rendering exposure control and extended-range filtering.

Infinityset Pbr
Estudio Pbr

Unreal Engine workflow

eStudio fully supports Unreal Engine, taking advantage of the benefits of what such game engine provides in terms of rendering quality, including AR with Unreal Engine, in addition to virtual set production. The added value of this configuration is the multitude of benefits of including more than 25 years of Brainstorm’s experience in broadcast and film graphics, virtual set and augmented reality production, including data management, playout workflows, virtual camera detach, multiple simultaneous renders and much more.

Infinityset Unrealcontrol
Estudio Pbr

Beyond game engines: Combined Render Engine

What Brainstorm offers goes far beyond what a game engine can do by itself. Broadcast graphics workflows have specific requirements, like database connections, statistics, tickers, social media or lower-thirds, a variety of hardware and software elements that are alien to the game engine framework but essential for broadcast operation. In addition to the new developments and the improved UE compatibility and UE-native workflows, the Combined Render Engine approach allows users to select the alternative that fits best with their requirements or workflows.

See how eStudio can help you creating the most amazing virtual content

If you want more information on how eStudio can help your virtual content creation and workflows, send us your questions and we will provide you with further information.

2D and 3D object creation and management

From stills, lower-thirds or OTS to full screen graphics and animations, virtually any kind of 2D or 3D graphic can be accomplished with eStudioeStudio imports and manipulates graphic files and 3D models from a variety of 2D and 3D software packages in a variety of 3D formats such as .fbx, .dae, .obj and.3ds, to name a few. Also, virtually any kind of 2D image and video format is accepted.

Gallery Estudio 6
Gallery Estudio 12

eStudio fully supports StormLogic and SmartTemplates which can automatically look up data and redraw graphics accordingly, allowing for manual or automatic data input from other applications, databases, spreadsheets or real-time feeds. StormLogic allows building complex animations and interactions between elements with no need of scripting or complex animation matrixes. 

Exclusive typographic features

eStudio has taken advantage of the development of character generation in Aston, which lead to the implementation of many text and font features usually available only in high end character generatorsNew Text Editor allows to apply effects such as color, font, size and style effects (bold, italic, underline) by simple selection. eStudio provides full support for complex languages and alphabets (Thay, Devanagari, Vertical Japanese, etc.)

Three-border configuration

Each layer can have different colors and textures

Emboss effects for layers and borders

Configurable shadow layers for color, size, blur, transparency, etc.

Font Families for Normal, Bold, Italic and Bold-Italic

Custom interface creation

eStudio support FORMS, which enable the easy drag-and-drop creation of customized interfaces for simple and intuitive control. The user can have just a few buttons for basic animations or detailed control panels for complex tasks. Simple drag-and-drop controls allow for full control any element in the eStudio software to build their own applications. FORMS are effectively custom interfaces created for a project, that control whatever is required in such project, and allowing for customizing the resulting graphics as required.

Augmented reality

Augmented Reality requires the interaction between sets, talents and virtual objects, many of them created out of external data sources such as statistics, charts, bars, and many other. During election nights, news, sports or entertainment programs, data bars and other statistics can interact with the talents creating an attractive augmented reality environment for the audience. eStudio can seamlessly integrate real-time graphics and virtual studio projects, including the graphics’ animation logic and structure. Also, AR within Unreal Engine is easily accomplished,  taking advantage of all the features of eStudio.

Gallery Estudio 10


TrackFree is a patented camera-tracking independent technology that provides just what its name claims: the total freedom for operators to use any tracking system, trackless or fixed cameras, or a combination of these at the same time. Like InfinitySeteStudio also takes advantage of all the features of the TrackFree technology, including TeleTransporter, 3D Presenter, MagicWindowsHandsTracking and much more.

Trackfree 2020

Turnkey system

InfinitySet is delivered as a complete, turnkey system ready to use, fully and immediately integrable in any broadcaster’s workflow. Using standard broadcast plus complete IT connectivity, all Brainstorm products are prepared to work at its best since day one.

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