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An extensive library of additional tools

Brainstorm products are open and flexible, and connect to a number of external hardware and sfotware solutions. For graphics creation Brainstorm’s products feature a 3D importer module which significantly increases the compatibility of our products with most of the common 3D file formats such as 3ds, obj, dae or fbx, along with the new and open 3D file formats such as Collada or Blender, among many other.

Brainstorm products are also fully customizable in a variety of ways. Using Brainstorm extensive library of plugins it is possible to complement the vast feature set of our products with additional tools, from 3D Max or Photoshop importers to MIDI interfaces, camera callibration modules and many more. Some have evolved and are already included as features on new products.


3D Max Exporter

The 3D Max Exporter plugin allows for exporting 3D Max scenes and objects, along with textures, animations, cameras or lights, keeping teh project’s appearance when importing them into Aston or InfinitySet.

After Effects Exporter

The After Effects Exporter plugin allows the exporting of After Effects projects to Aston as graphics, so they can be used within any Aston project, including the looksa and animations. Also, the After Effects Tracking Exporter application allows users to efficiently get tracking data into video files in order to make use of Augmented Reality or Brainstorm’s TeleTransporter.

Photoshop Exporter

Allows for exporting PSD CC y CS6 files, including the layer structure and components, to Aston.

Illustrator Exporter

The Adobe Illustrator Plugin allows for exporting Illustrator paths to Aston as objects and 3D curves.

eStudio Dynamics

Provides real time physics-based animations applied to objects.

eStudio MIDI In

Allows controlling eStudio via MIDI.

eStudio VNC

Allows for real-time update of an eStudio texture from a VNC server.

eStudio ODBC

Plug-in for eStudio linking to SQL databases – MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Fox etc.

eStudio MIDI Out

Allows eStudio to control devices via MIDI (lights, audio and others).

eStudio M3 Calib

Calibration plug-in to establish tripod positions and offsets in pan and tilt encoders (4 point callibration).

eStudio/InfinitySet 360

Plugin for eStudio and InfinitySet allowing for a 360º output by using an Equirectangular (equidistant cylindrical) or a Dome Master (hemispherical dome) projection. Such output is normally intended for streaming to be used with VR glasses and/or projected in a Dome for immersive video. The eStudio 360 plugin provides the images which then will be streamed or visualized using external applications as per the customer’s preferences or requirements.

eStudio GPI

Plug-in for Brainstorm eStudio control via GPI devices.

eStudio EasyMaps

Provides Stills and Movies from Internet mapping sources.

eStudio Switcher

Plug-in for Brainstorm eStudio Switcher control.


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