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Enhancing production value while reducing production cost using virtual studios

The most advanced, real-time photorealistic virtual environments

Virtual production is reshaping the way content is produced, not only for its obvious benefits in terms of saving production costs with virtual technology, but also for the increased storytelling possibilities it provides. The current challenge in virtual set production is matching reality, creating, in real-time, a perfect, accurate version of reality which is undistinguished from reality itself. Because what really makes the difference is to be unable to tell whether the images we are watching are real videos or digital renders.

Brainstorm has been leading the way for virtual sets for more than 25 years. Since its foundation in 1993 and with the creation of eStudio, Brainstorm has been at the edge of innovation in 3D and virtual studio technology, even pioneered the application of camera tracking to 3D real-time virtual set. Brainstorm technology can combine with other render engines like Unreal Engine to provide state-of-the-art hyper realistic scenes, that also integrate elements which are essential in broadcast operation, such as 3D data-driven motion graphics, charts and many other. 

InfinitySet is Brainstorm’s virtual set and augmented reality solution, featuring the patented TrackFree™ technology, which allows for using both trackless and tracked cameras, or even a combination of them. In addition to a close  integration and control of Unreal Engine, InfinitySet also provides other industry-unique features like TeleTransporter, 3D Presenter or MagicWindows, all designed to enhance content creation and output for broadcast, film production or corporate presentations. 

Brainstorm’s advanced virtual technology represents a real cost-saving solution, as it provides new possibilities for production houses and broadcasters for creating different scenes and environments, no matter if we are talking about sitcoms, news, sports or entertainment shows. And because of the high quality of the virtual sets, this technology is a real alternative to remote live outdoor shooting or physical set construction. 

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